Align Your Strategy and Outpace Competitors in the Thanksgiving Shopping Season

Digital platforms are now the epicenter of holiday shopping, outpacing traditional methods of deal discovery. Despite mid-year sales events like Amazon’s Prime Day, the official start of the holiday shopping season sees a surge in online activity. The shopping period has condensed over the past six years, emphasizing the need for a strategic presence during Thanksgiving week.

Understand the significant shift in the holiday shopping calendar, with a focus on the increasing trend of consumers starting their shopping sprees earlier, and how your business can strategically engage with early-bird shoppers.

Maximize Your YouTube Ads to Reach the Most Relevant Viewers

YouTube Audience Targeting for Effective Viewer Impact

Did you know that in 1 out of 3 cases, advertisers present mismatched ad creatives to consumers? This significant outcome of inadequately planned video advertising can divert viewers from your intended message.

Effectively engaging the right audience requires a mastery of YouTube audience targeting. Familiarizing yourself with this targeting method helps circumvent negative impressions and takes into account the user experience of your potential audience. It’s a mutually beneficial strategy, enhancing both your brand and the viewing experience.

Maintain Ad Visibility with the YouTube Video View Campaign Safe Zone

YouTube Video View Campaign Safe Zone: Where Your Ad Creatives Thrive Uninterrupted

When it comes to YouTube advertising, you’re granted creative liberty to experiment with different ad sizes and placements. Yet, one critical element requires your focus: the YouTube Video View Campaign Safe Zone.

This designated safe zone ensures that the vital visual components and text you intend to emphasize remain clearly visible. YouTube’s Video View Campaign (VVC) provides you with the flexibility to present your ad content across various placements. Consequently, it’s essential to become acquainted with the YT VVC safe zones to ensure uninterrupted ad display.

YouTube Video Views Campaign or Video Action Campaign – What Works Best?

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right YouTube Ad Format

Video View campaigns are all about amplifying video views, providing advertisers with a valuable chance to connect with their audience. The most appealing aspect is that it’s accessible to all media buyers, rendering it an inclusive option for those aiming to enhance their brand’s exposure.

However, what distinguishes Video View campaigns from other YouTube Video ad formats? How do these campaigns integrate into a marketer’s overall strategy?

YouTube Video View Campaigns: Redefining Video Advertising Strategies

A Closer Look at YouTube Video View Campaigns and How They Work

YouTube’s Video View campaigns have been making significant waves, capturing the spotlight as a noteworthy trend. Introduced in June 2023, this AI-powered ad campaign has swiftly garnered attention, piquing the interest of marketers eager to explore its possibilities. As it joins Google’s suite of marketing tools, the pressing question arises: Could this be the new primary choice for YouTube media buyers seeking video view ad objectives?

Nielsen’s Total TV and Streaming Report: Sports Viewing Grows Steadily in September 2023

Nielsen’s Total TV and Streaming Snapshot - September 2023.001 (1)

The kickoff of college football and the beginning of a new NFL season brought a substantial upswing in broadcast viewership for individuals aged 18-54. Conversely, streaming usage saw a notable double-digit drop among school-age viewers, coinciding with the return of all students to school.

For a detailed exploration of noteworthy changes in viewership at the channel level throughout September, explore more here. To get a concise summary of the statistics, feel free to download our quick chart.

Q3 2023 YouTube CPV Benchmark Report

Adapt Your Strategy to Q2 2023’s YouTube CPV Benchmarks

Our comprehensive report is your passport to understanding YouTube’s CPV benchmarks. To provide businesses with the knowledge and insights needed to excel in this vast platform, we conducted an in-depth analysis of thousands of YouTube InStream Skippable campaigns focused on the Views objective.

We utilized the power of Strike Social’s proprietary AI tool to optimize campaign performance and pinpoint key metrics, including CPV, view rates, and video trends. The analysis period extends from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023.

Understanding these crucial metrics empowers you to create persuasive campaigns, stimulate business growth, and catapult your brand’s visibility and engagement.

YouTube Contextual Targeting: From Theory to Practice

How Does YouTube Contextual Targeting Benefit Advertisers?

Explore YouTube contextual targeting, where ads are finely tuned to match viewer engagement and video content context. We’ll be shedding light on how machine learning algorithms from Google work their magic to ensure each ad is in perfect harmony with the context of the video. Discover more in our concise guide.

The Marketer’s Manual to LinkedIn Ad Specifications

What Are the Key LinkedIn Ad Specs Every Marketer Should Know?

LinkedIn ads provide an exclusive platform for brand interaction with business professionals. As a result, successful LinkedIn advertising revolves around the promotion and cultivation of your brand’s image.

This guide serves as your resource, presenting the varied ad sizes and formats on LinkedIn. This information equips you with the necessary knowledge to prepare for your campaign launch.

How to Avoid Common Reasons For Facebook Ad Disapproval

Keep Your Ads Running Smoothly: Uncover Common Reasons for Facebook Ad Rejection

Facebook may reject your ads for various reasons, some as innocuous as including the term “CBD” in your ad. Your ad might face issues even if you’re referring to “Central Business District” and not the drug. Facebook’s ad review process can sometimes lead to unforeseen rejections or account suspensions, even if you’re confident in your ads’ compliance.

In this guide, learn how to navigate the reasons behind Facebook ad rejections and how to handle these challenges with confidence.

What’s New in Paid Social for Halloween 2023?

2023 is anticipated to witness a significant surge in Halloween spending, with an estimated total expenditure of $12.2 billion. This surpasses the previous year’s record of $10.6 billion, despite the prevailing economic challenges.

In light of these spending patterns, advertisers have an opportunity to capitalize on them. As social media platforms continually adapt to retail media, it’s wise for advertisers to diversify their paid social approaches. For further insights and guidance on preparing your advertising campaigns for the Halloween season, explore our comprehensive Halloween guide.

Is ChatGPT the Key to Transforming Your Media Planning Strategies?

Redefine Your Media Planning Approach with AI and ChatGPT Prompts

Are you wondering about the potential impact of AI-powered media planning on your advertising strategies, or are you concerned that it might complicate your tasks? Using generative AI to shape your marketing ideas may appear ambitious, but it holds the promise of condensing a day’s worth of work into just an hour.

Does this sound too good to be true? Explore the answers in this quick guide.

What’s the Secret to Getting the Answers You Want With ChatGPT?

Improve Your Prompts and Enhance Responses in ChatGPT

It can be quite frustrating when ChatGPT is not delivering the responses you desire. It’s a common issue in AI-driven conversations. Despite your repeated attempts to obtain the right answers, there can often be a disconnect between what you ask and what you receive.

So, how can you bridge this gap and ensure that your ChatGPT prompts consistently yield the desired outcomes? The solution lies in the art of crafting effective ChatGPT prompts.

How Accurate Are Your Beliefs About Social Media Marketing?

Putting Your Social Media Marketing Beliefs Under the Microscope

Are you eager to uncover the lesser-known myths surrounding social media marketing? Each myth unraveled holds the potential to reveal actionable insights, allowing you to confidently execute marketing strategies, clearing out your path to achieving your campaign goals.

TikTok Ad Review Checklist: Get Your Ads Approved with Confidence

Curious If Your Ads Are Compliant? Tick Off the Boxes on TikTok Ad Review Checklist

With the majority of ads undergoing review within just 24 hours, the anticipation of approval or rejection is quick and can significantly impact your campaign timeline. While approval is the goal, understanding why ads might face rejection is equally important. This knowledge equips you to steer clear of common pitfalls and pass through the platform’s guidelines seamlessly.

How Well Do You Know TikTok’s Policies for Ad Creatives?

Inside TikTok’s Ad Policies: What You Need to Know

To ensure your ads aren’t flagged by the TikTok Compliance Team, it’s essential to thoroughly understand the platform’s advertising policies. Adhering to TikTok’s ad creative policies is vital for media buyers, as it helps maintain a consistent and professional presence on the platform.

Complying with TikTok’s Advertising Guidelines for Industry Entry

Is Your Brand Aligned with TikTok’s Industry Entry Guidelines?

You’ve invested time and effort into creating a captivating TikTok ad, only to receive a “rejected” notification. Instead of letting disappointment take over, take a moment to assess: do your offerings genuinely adhere to TikTok’s industry entry guidelines?

When faced with these setbacks, it’s crucial to identify the underlying issues. Is it the content, the visuals, or maybe a minor policy violation that went unnoticed? Are your ads truly in line with TikTok’s standards?

Q2 2023 YouTube CPV Benchmark Report

Discover 2023 Q2 CPV Trends for YouTube Advertising

Explore the prime influencers of YouTube CPV in Q2 2023 compared to prior periods. Examine the breakdown of YouTube InStream Skippable campaigns with a Views objective, highlighting crucial metrics such as CPV, view rates, and video rates.

Optimizing Video Length for YouTube Ads

The Ideal Duration: Decoding the Right YouTube Ad Length

Picture this: you launch a YouTube ad, put your resources and creativity into it, only to see viewers skipping it within the first few seconds. This is precisely why knowing the right video ad length for YouTube is crucial.

Our aim is to uncover valuable patterns and insights that can guide the creation of YouTube ads. These insights are instrumental in crafting YouTube ads that genuinely strike a chord with the audience, fostering resonance and sustained engagement.

How Can Generative AI Be Used in Digital Marketing

Exploring Innovations Brought by Generative AI in Marketing Strategies

It’s hard to ignore the sweeping influence of generative AI across various industry sectors. Chances are, you’ve encountered the remarkable capabilities of generative AI tools in your own experiences, whether you realize it or not.

Yet, the true enigma lies in the question of effective utilization. Have you wondered how seasoned experts strategically integrated generative AI models into their marketing initiatives? Download and learn more from this quick guide.

The AI-Powered Future of Social Media Advertising

Are You Ready for the AI-Driven Social Media Advertising Era?

Picture yourself reclaiming over 5 hours each week, equivalent to an entire month per year, by utilizing the power of generative AI. Its applications are boundless, from facilitating AI-driven ad creation for marketers to enabling comprehensive data analysis. Generative AI is driving efficiency and productivity for social media buyers.

35 Google Bard Prompts for Social Media Advertisers

Find Out How Google Bard Prompts Can Transform Your Social Media Ads

From crafting snappy ad copies to conceptualizing engaging video ads, these Google Bard prompts offer a unique approach to capturing audience interest across various platforms. The beauty of these prompts lies in their versatility, allowing you to experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your specific ad campaigns. The result? Effortless and impactful ad prompting, driving meaningful engagement and conversions.

How The View-Through Rate Calculator Helps Measure Ad Effectiveness

Using The TikTok View-Through Rate Calculator For Data-Driven Decisions

TikTok continues to dominate as the favored platform for both brands and social video consumers. To maximize its full potential, businesses must grasp the importance of view metrics, particularly View-Through Rates, in optimizing TikTok campaigns and achieving greater efficiency.

Know more about our TikTok VTR calculator – your specialized tool for calculating View Through Rates on TikTok. Whether you’re new to the platform or an experienced marketer, our VTR tool can serve as your trusted companion when analyzing your view rates and ad performance.

Learn About TikTok View-Through Rate (VTR)

What TikTok VTR Reveals About Your Ad Strategy

In the United States, TikTok boasts a remarkable ad reach of 134,482,000 potential users, making it an enticing market for advertisers. However, to make the most of this opportunity, you must focus on an essential metric: the TikTok View Through Rate (VTR).

VTR measures the percentage of viewers who watch ads without scrolling past them. With a high VTR, like 92.24%, your campaign demonstrates strong audience engagement. By analyzing VTR data, you gain insights into audience preferences and enhance your ad strategies for greater impact.

YouTube Ad Suitability Matters

Why Advertisers Can’t Ignore Ad Suitability In YouTube Campaigns

Last year, a study unveiled that 59% of participants acknowledged the superior relevance of YouTube ads compared to those on traditional TV or other streaming platforms. This emphasizes the tremendous opportunity for businesses to tap into a vast consumer base.

However, with this opportunity comes the vital requirement for YouTube ad suitability and brand safety strategies. As ad placements on YouTube continue to rise, ensuring a secure and appropriate environment for your brand becomes indispensable.

Setting Up Content Exclusions for YouTube Video Ads

Strategize Your Ad Reach Using YouTube Inventory Types

Unlock the secrets to strategic ad placement and audience reach with YouTube inventory types. Gain valuable insights on setting up content exclusions, selecting the optimal inventory types, and driving maximum results through targeted ad campaigns.

Understanding YouTube Brand Safety In Video Advertising

Implementing Effective Brand Safety Measures in YouTube Video Advertising

Integrating brand safety in your YouTube advertising strategy is not just an option but a strategic imperative.

Discover proven tactics to strengthen your brand’s identity, optimize ad performance, and forge trusted connections with your target audience. Download the guide today and revolutionize your YouTube advertising approach.

TikTok Search Ads: The Game-Changing Ad Strategy Your Business Needs

Reach New Heights And Enhance Brand Visibility With TikTok Search Ads

Are TikTok search ads worth the investment and anticipation? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand how TikTok search ads work and whether they are worth waiting for when this feature becomes available.

Explore the exciting possibilities of TikTok’s search ads and their potential impact on your advertising strategy.

How Strike Social Handles Ad Placements On Google Display Networks

Strike Social’s Prudent Approach Amidst The Google Ads Issue

Recent reports on TrueView in-stream ad placements have revealed a disconcerting fact for major brands. They have discovered that a significant portion of their TrueView in-stream ad spend was allocated to sites and apps within the Google Video Partners (GVP) network that did not meet Google’s own standards.

Advertisers and industry stakeholders are now confronted with these pressing questions: What are the implications for advertisers? Can Google still be relied upon as a trustworthy and effective platform for advertising?

To gain deeper insights into how Strike Social ensures the seamless alignment of our campaigns with your business goals, we invite you to explore our comprehensive guide.

Essential Facebook Ads Protection Strategies You Need To Implement

Brand Safety Practices To Safeguard Your Ads On Facebook

Facebook goes above and beyond to prioritize the safety of brands, implementing a diverse range of measures to create a secure advertising ecosystem.

When it comes to protecting your ads and promoting your products and services confidently, Facebook offers a suite of brand safety tools that are designed to provide the utmost protection.

Facebook Inventory Filter: A Comprehensive Guide

Ensure Compliance and Reach the Right Audience Effectively with the Facebook Inventory Filter

The Facebook Inventory Filter empowers you to have even greater control over your ad placements, allowing you to align them with content that resonates with your brand’s values. This level of control enables you to create a brand-safe environment that upholds the integrity of your business and fosters trust among your customers.

In this comprehensive guide, explore the numerous benefits of the Facebook Inventory Filter to help you become a master of this essential brand safety tool.

How Can Facebook Brand Safety Defend Your Digital Presence

Take Control of Your Ad Placements with Facebook’s Brand Safety Tools

With 2.08 billion users, Facebook is a crucial platform for advertisers seeking growth. However, its vast user base presents both opportunities and risks.

Learn how to optimize your Facebook advertising strategy by prioritizing brand safety and avoiding unsuitable ad placements.

TikTok Interactive Add-Ons Playbook

Supercharge Your TikTok Ads with Interactive Add-Ons

With this resource in hand, you’ll have the tools and strategies to propel your TikTok ads to new levels of success.

Grab your copy of the TikTok Interactive Add-Ons Playbook now and start driving more clicks and conversions from your ads.

Get To Know TikTok’s Brand Safety and Suitability Solutions

Exploring TikTok’s Effectiveness in Prioritizing Brand Safety and Suitability for Advertisers

TikTok’s commitment to brand safety and suitability spans all advertiser categories. Their key focus is fostering a secure environment where video ads harmoniously run alongside safe and suitable content.

This comprehensive guide will highlight the different TikTok brand safety tools that will fortify your brand’s reputation on the platform.

How Countdown Stickers Boost TikTok Live and Sale Events

Setting Up A TikTok Countdown Sticker: A Quick Guide

TikTok Countdown Sticker captures users’ attention, enhances commitment, and boosts engagement. The impact of the ticking countdown actively encourages your viewers to take action.

For advertisers seeking to maximize the benefits of TikTok’s Interactive Add-ons, this article will provide insightful guidance on leveraging these sticker features effectively.

5 Secrets Of Highly Successful Social Media Buyers

Cracking The Code To Successful Social Media Buyer Strategies

Highly successful social media buyers have discovered secret techniques and approaches that helped them overcome challenges including managing limited budgets, combating ad fatigue, and measuring campaign effectiveness.

Equip yourself with these insights and unlock these five secrets by downloading this guide.

Boost Your Brand Safety Using TikTok’s Inventory Filter

Protect Your Ad Campaigns with TikTok’s Innovative In-App Feature

This specially-designed in-app tool protects against inappropriate content displayed alongside your advertisements, safeguarding your brand reputation.

Hover over the image above to download our comprehensive guide.

Q1 2023 YouTube CPV Benchmark Report

Discover 2023 Q1 CPV trends for YouTube advertising

Explore industry-specific view performance in YouTube TrueView Instream for Q1 2023.

Learn about the shift in CPV momentum over the last four quarters.