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Understanding Campaign Pacing in Social Media Advertising

Have you experienced having a lot of impressions or leads on your ads in the first few days, only to see it deteriorate as the campaign goes on due to a lack of campaign pacing? Without a watchful eye, that can happen if your social media campaigns are not monitored regularly. You might see your ad delivery spike initially, setting your expectations sky-high, only to be disappointed over time as it exhausts its capacity. 

Just like in a marathon, if you sprint through the first few kilometers, you’ll end up exhausted towards the end. That’s how campaigns work, and it’s why campaign pacing is extremely important.

How Does Strike Social Handle Campaign Pacing?

Campaign pacing in social media advertising refers to the strategic distribution of your advertising budget, ad delivery, and overall campaign efforts over a specific time period. Like a skilled sailor navigating through varying winds and tides, you aim to ensure your resources endure the entirety of your journey, hitting peak performance precisely when needed.

Depending on the objective of the ad campaign, the ad pacing can follow different approaches:

  • Campaign pacing by objective

This involves controlling the overall spending and delivery of the entire campaign over its duration based on a singular objective. For instance, in a Clicks campaign, the goal is to keep the pace of consistent ad delivery for Clicks throughout the campaign flight. It’s useful to ensure a consistent presence throughout the campaign period.

  • Campaign pacing by budget

Focuses on controlling the campaign’s daily or weekly budget. Budget pacing helps ensure that your campaign doesn’t overspend or underspend on a specific day or week, allowing for more granular control over budget allocation.

The Negative Impacts of Poor Pacing and the Benefits of Effective Pacing in Advertising

Proper pacing in your social media ad campaigns can make or break the results of your digital advertising efforts. Let’s explore the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to ad pacing for your campaigns:

Advantages of Effective Pacing

Optimized Budget Utilization

  • Pacing in digital marketing ensures your budget is allocated efficiently throughout the campaign duration. This prevents overspending or underspending during the early days of your campaign flight and ensures you have resources for ad delivery during peak periods.
  • For example, when you run your Father’s Day campaign for the whole month of June, you should ensure that you have enough budget allocated during the peak dates (i.e., June 16 and 1-2 days before and after the event) to maximize your exposure and still have a regular budget towards the end of the month.

Consistent Brand Exposure

  • With a well-paced ad delivery, your brand remains visible and engaging throughout the campaign.
  • For instance, if your target impressions are 10,000 daily, proper pacing should keep you within this level without exceeding or underpacing so you consistently receive around 10K impressions daily.

Disadvantages of Poor Pacing

Missed Opportunities to Reach the Target Audience at Optimal Times

  • Poor ad pacing can cause you to miss key moments when your audience will most likely engage with your ads, leading to lower reach and conversions.
  • For instance, in our Father’s Day example, if you allocate excessive funds during the campaign’s early days, you may not have the flexibility to increase your budget during peak times modestly. Similarly, if you constrain the budget too tightly during peak periods, you may spend funds on less relevant days, such as the month’s end, which is not as closely tied to the event.

Difficulty in Identifying Performance Trends and Making Timely Optimizations

  • When your campaign lacks a structured pace, analyzing performance data and identifying trends becomes harder. Ineffective campaign pacing can delay necessary optimizations and hinder your ability to improve campaign results.

What Does It Mean When My Campaign Is Underpacing vs. Overpacing?

Understanding the signs of underpacing and overpacing is crucial for maintaining a healthy and effective social media advertising campaign. Recognizing these issues early on allows you to adjust and optimize your campaign for better results.


When your campaign is underpacing, it’s spending less than its allocated budget or not generating as many conversions or clicks as expected. This can happen for several reasons, such as:

  • Low Bids

    Your bids may be too low, making your ads less competitive in auctions.

  • Narrow Targeting

    If your target audience is too narrow, you might not reach enough people to exhaust your budget.

  • Low-Quality Ads

    The platform’s algorithm may limit delivery if your ads have low relevance or engagement rates.


As the opposite of underpacing, overpacing happens when your social media campaign spends more than the allocated daily or overall budget or receives a spike in engagement that is more than the supposed regular ad delivery.

  • High Bids

    If your bids are too high, you might win more auctions but exhaust your budget rapidly.

  • Extremely Broad Targeting

    A broad target audience can lead to your ads being shown to many people, quickly consuming your budget.

  • High-Frequency Capping

    If your frequency cap (the limit on how often a person sees your ad) is higher than usual, it can accelerate ad delivery and budget depletion.

By understanding the causes and signs of underpacing and overpacing, you can proactively manage your social media advertising campaigns and ensure they perform at their best. Advertising pacing is a dynamic process that requires ongoing monitoring and adjustment to achieve optimal results.

How Strike Social Manages Pacing in Advertising Campaigns

Keeping a constant watch over your ad campaigns is crucial, but monitoring them around the clock can be exhausting. What works today may not be effective tomorrow, and you need a reliable advertising partner to handle the hard work for you. Strike Social excels in this area, ensuring optimal performance through strategic campaign pacing.

Precision and Efficiency

Strike Social ensures optimal ad spend and consistent pacing throughout the campaign by precisely aligning ad budgets and goals, thus avoiding overspending and underspending.

In a YouTube Video View Campaign, we successfully delivered all of the requested views consistently throughout the campaign flight, with minimal deviations from the average weekly impressions ordered. Furthermore, we managed to achieve a campaign CPV that was 16.67% lower than the requested Max CPV.

Diverse Pacing Strategies

Strike Social employs various pacing methods tailored to the campaign’s objectives:

  • Budget order ensures a steady distribution of the budget throughout the campaign duration.
  • Outcomes order prioritizes desired outcomes, such as impressions, clicks, or views.

Internal Tech Tool and Expertise

We have developed an internal tech within our proprietary tool, CampaignLab, to facilitate effective campaign management.

Coupled with the expertise of our media buyers, this tool enables our rotating team to monitor all ad campaigns continuously. This constant oversight ensures that campaigns are optimized in real-time and that necessary adjustments are made promptly.

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Ignite Your Campaigns with Strategic Ad Pacing

Seeing impressive results at the start of your campaign can be exhilarating, while slow starts can feel disheartening. However, proper ad pacing is the key to sustainable success in social media advertising. By carefully managing your campaign’s pacing, you can ensure your budget, impressions, and clicks last throughout the campaign, allowing for adjustments and optimizations.

While AI tools can assist you in achieving your campaign objectives, the success of your campaign ultimately lies in your hands.

Partner up with Strike Social to maximize the potential of your social media ad campaigns. Reach out to our team and discover how much more you can accomplish with our expert guidance and cutting-edge solutions.

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