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Video Advertising Evolved: YouTube Video View Campaigns in Focus

June 2023 brought an exciting announcement to video advertising – the introduction of YouTube Video View campaigns (VVCs). The new AI-powered ad campaign has quickly become the talk of the town, leaving marketers curious about its potential. As another addition to Google’s marketing tools, the question is whether this is the next go-to video view ad objective for YouTube media buyers.

With such buzz surrounding it, let us unpack the benefits of YouTube VVC and understand what makes it stand out from the existing video campaigns. 

YouTube Video View Campaigns: The Next Big Step in Video Advertising

According to Google’s research, 87% of consumers credit YouTube with expediting their purchase choices. The study prompts two crucial questions: What unique attributes can YouTube Video View campaigns offer to capitalize on this data? Should marketers leap VVCs for their upcoming campaigns?

As YouTube’s Video View campaigns gain ground, it’s a trend that commands attention. Let’s explore the potential of this innovative campaign format and evaluate how it stands up against the relentless competition.

What is a YouTube Video View Campaign?

Recently, Google introduced two new campaign types: Video View campaigns and Demand Gen. While they tailor Demand Gen for distribution across YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail, Video View Campaigns primarily target the YouTube ecosystem.

How Does YouTube Video View Campaigns Work?

The primary objective of this campaign type is to maximize views. To clarify, brands use Video Views campaigns to amplify their videos’ reach, fostering awareness through efficient, high-quality views. YouTube VVC boosts views across various placements: in-stream, in-feed, and even YouTube Shorts, all under a single campaign.

Let’s visualize this in action:

YT VVC GIF skippable in stream ad placement

Skippable In-Stream

YT VVC in feed ad placement


YT VVC shorts ad placement


Advertisers can distribute their YouTube ads across various placements by utilizing a single creative. The new ad format allows media buyers to capitalize on the opportunity to increase video views and engagement significantly. This approach simplifies the process for marketers, expanding content reach to a diverse range of viewers on the platform.

What are the Benefits of Using YouTube Video View Campaigns?

More Views at Lower Costs

In Google’s initial testing phase from January to February 2023, YouTube Video View campaigns delivered an average of 40% more views than in-stream skippable cost-per-view campaigns. Additionally, they offer the advantage of more views while maintaining cost-effectiveness, especially when compared to in-stream ads alone.

New Standard with 10-Second Views (for In-Feed Video)

Have you encountered ads that automatically start playing in your YouTube home feed without any interaction from your end?

For YouTube Video View campaigns, achieving view counts has been redefined. There are two possible scenarios:  

  • A user actively clicks on the ad’s video thumbnail in the feed, leading them to the ad’s watch page or
  • A user engages with the content by watching 10 or more seconds of autoplay (deduped).

In contrast, the regular in-feed video format (non-VVC) counts a view only when a user clicks on the ad’s video, taking them to the ad’s watch page.

Optimizing the User Experience

Advertisers should optimize their ads across different formats to fully utilize Video View campaigns. Such optimization involves refining bidding strategies and choosing the right assets to achieve maximum views. Using YouTube’s AI-powered ads, campaigns integrate seamlessly into users’ viewing experiences, blending naturally with the content viewers enjoy.

Video View campaigns (VVC) are media buyers’ key to raising view count across YouTube’s various video ad formats. This method involves the selection and delivery of top-performing creatives to audiences with a higher likelihood of engaging with your brand. By adopting this approach, you prioritize user experience and gain views from audiences who are already interested in your industry or have previously interacted with your content.

Reimagine Your Marketing Mix with YouTube Video View Campaigns

As digital advertising evolves, it’s crucial to explore innovations like YouTube Video View campaigns. The evidence is already beginning to accumulate, with Google proving the positive impact of VVCs on your advertising strategies. The extensive reach of YouTube, coupled with the tailored approach of Video View campaigns, makes it possible to connect with potential customers when they’re most receptive. 

Do you think this approach is in sync with your marketing objectives? It’s natural to approach new techniques cautiously, particularly considering that YouTube’s Video Action campaigns have already made their mark. However, the data reveals that YouTube Video View campaigns can benefit your marketing mix. And so, the real question is: how soon will you seize this opportunity to expand your reach within YouTube’s vast platform?

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