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Enhanced Conversions with YouTube Ads

YouTube is renowned as a platform that boosts video views and awareness. With ad formats that harness the engaging power of vertical and bite-sized content, YouTube Shorts has significantly increased video views and ad engagement. Advertisers can now leverage the YouTube VAC (Video Action Campaign) for lower-funnel campaigns, enhancing conversions such as ticket sales. The success of our aquarium park’s Resident Pass ticket sales can be attributed to their YouTube advertising efforts.

Strike Social and our aquarium park client aligned with a clear objective: to maximize Resident Pass sign-ups by targeting highly qualified audiences interested in family leisure and travel destinations. We were successful in achieving this goal.

Using YouTube VAC, the team harnessed its power to influence engagement and purchases. Our team closely monitored the campaign using Strike Social’s proprietary tool, Campaign Lab, ensuring efficiency through strategic optimization. The team optimized the campaign to drive conversions and lower ad costs. The campaign achieved an overall CTR of 0.42% and pushed specific creatives to a 1.40% click-through rate. It generated almost 3 million impressions, over 20,000 clicks, and more than 2,100 conversions.

Our YouTube VAC and traffic campaign successfully demonstrates the effectiveness of our targeted and dynamic strategies in driving user engagement and conversions. This YouTube VAC case study of Strike’s aquarium park client significantly increased Resident Pass sign-ups by utilizing a Shorts-centric ad format, performance-based budget allocation, and optimal timing, enhancing ticket sales and brand awareness.

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