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Trends and Ideas for Mother’s Day Advertising 2024

As advertisers, we know that Mother’s Day advertising campaigns often revolve around flowers, chocolates, and warm embraces – all for the brand we represent. But in 2024, how can we infuse our campaigns with genuine love and relevance?

Join us as we explore the latest consumer trends and discover how you can seamlessly integrate them into your advertising strategies for the upcoming season.

How to Create Successful Mother’s Day Advertising Campaigns

In 2023, Americans allocated up to $35.7 billion for Mother’s Day gifts and festivities, according to the National Retail Federation. With Mother’s Day ranking as the third-largest retail holiday in the US, it’s clear that brands can’t afford to overlook the opportunity to capture consumer attention during this high-spending occasion. 

Wondering how to ensure your brand stays top-of-mind? Explore the strategies in this blog to learn how to make the most of this significant holiday.

Analyzing Consumer Behavior for Mother’s Day Marketing Strategies

Before we strategize how your brand can make its mark on Mother’s Day 2024, you must understand first how consumer behavior shifts during this holiday. Let’s dissect the trends from Mother’s Day 2023 and identify patterns to guide our approach. As the world inches back toward normalcy, we must assess whether online advertising remains the primary avenue and, if so, how best to leverage it.

  • Shopping Destinations

According to NRF’s survey, online spending surged in 2020 due to limited options, but over the past three years, there’s been a resurgence in physical store visits. Specialty stores have also seen a hike as shoppers seek out establishments catering specifically to their desired products or services.

  • Gift Choices

Flowers, greeting cards, and special outings have remained the top three gift choices for three consecutive years. The allure of “gifts of experience” continues to grow, reflecting consumers’ desire for meaningful presents that foster lasting memories.

Although jewelry and electronics dominate consumer sales and spending, special outings claim the second spot, highlighting the preference for unique experiences.

How Advertisers Can Spark Buzz for Mother’s Day Promotions

Now that we understand shoppers’ preferences and behaviors during this retail holiday, how can we align our Mother’s Day advertising strategies to stay at the top of our minds? Here are the tips to keep in mind:

Engage Your Audience with Gamified Ads

Did you know that consumers are 56% more likely to click on a gamified ad than a static one? Incorporate prizes and instant-win draws into your ads, such as Mother’s Day gifts or vouchers, to cater to consumers looking to save on their 2024 Mother’s Day purchases.

A Reels ad on Facebook or Instagram can efficiently convey all the necessary information in one shot. Acanva Home exemplifies this approach in their ad, presenting all the details upfront without requiring viewers to scroll through to grasp the mechanics.

In a Click-focused campaign, each clickthrough to your ad indicates your ad’s effectiveness. Here are the benchmarks to gauge your ad’s performance during the Mother’s Day advertising period:

Acanva Home Facebook video ad - 2024 Mother's Day advertising campaign
Strike Social Mother's Day 2024 Advertising Guide - Facebook CPC 2023 Benchmarks (4)

Highlight Relationships and Motherly Love

Mother’s Day is fundamentally about celebrating relationships, particularly the bond between mothers and their loved ones. Tailor your campaigns accordingly:

  • for women aged 30 and above, expressing gratitude towards mothers in general may resonate;
  • younger demographics like Gen Z and millennials may appreciate assistance in finding the perfect gift for the maternal figures in their lives.

Short-form ads could certainly hit the spot, much like Papier’s TikTok Interactive ad with a 12-second duration. This engaging clip highlights the versatility of their customizable gifts, making every second count.

If the goal is to maintain viewer engagement until they reach your CTA, you must consider these CPV benchmarks during this advertising period:

Strike Social Mother's Day 2024 Advertising Guide - TikTok CPV 6s 2023 Benchmarks (1)

Communicate Your Mother’s Day Marketing Offers

Don’t hesitate to promote your Mother’s Day offers prominently. Whether it’s discounts, promo codes, or special deals, ensure your audience knows about them. Since discount stores have consistently ranked among the top five shopping destinations for the past four years, being explicit about your discounts can significantly impact your Mother’s Day advertising campaigns.

Carousel ads on Facebook, optimized for Impressions, offer an ideal platform for showcasing multiple offers or discounts across various products. Check out this example from Tea.Tsy, where they effectively showcase their products, highlight promo codes and demonstrate potential savings on purchases.

During April, Facebook’s CPM can drop by 5%. However, it’s essential to note that it may be slightly more competitive during the 1-2 weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.

Tea.Tsy Facebook video ad - Mother's Day 2024 advertising campaign
Strike Social Mother's Day 2024 Advertising Guide - Facebook CPM 2023 Benchmarks (2)

Promote Gift Sets and Packages

Gift sets are increasingly popular, with 57% of consumers seeing them as good value for money. They’re perfect for cost-conscious and time-pressed shoppers, offering convenient options for impulse purchases and thoughtful gifts. If your brand offers packages or gift sets, now is the perfect time to use them in your Mother’s Day marketing strategy. 

Take inspiration from Valentino’s video ad showcasing a meticulously crafted gift box, a perfect example of enticing packaging that adds value to your offerings.

TikTok Valentino ad for Mother's Day 2024 gift package

Celebrate Your Brand This Mother’s Day 2024

While Mother’s Day might seem like just another retail event, it’s a golden opportunity waiting to be seized. With online shopping continuing to dominate this season, there’s no better time to leverage the hype and dive into the frenzy.

We understand your love for your moms and the brands you represent. So, why not make this Mother’s Day 2024 a win-win? Craft compelling campaigns that tug at heartstrings and connect with consumers on a deeper level. By delivering what they want and need, you’ll ensure your brand feels the love it deserves.

As you gear up for Mother’s Day 2024, keep your finger on the pulse of consumer trends, think outside the box, and offer irresistible deals. With the right strategy, you’ll make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

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