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Health and Fitness Facebook Case Study

Team of Dedicated and Global Experts: Strike Social’s Approach to Facebook Local Club Advertising

Strike Social profoundly amplified brand awareness and spurred membership growth, marking a significant achievement with nearly 300k digital club joins, over 1.5 million link clicks, and almost 700 million total impressions. This achievement resulted from expertly navigating the intricacies of tailoring advertising strategies for over 200+ local clubs.

Understanding that the key to client satisfaction involved more than just the timely execution of strategies, such as creative swaps and campaign optimization, our team recognized the necessity of a dedicated, hands-on approach. To this end, Strike Social mobilized a team of 50 media buying experts, each driven by a shared objective to enhance efficiency across every local club campaign.

The success of this campaign was not just due to the strict implementation of strategies but also the innovative application of Meta’s advertising technologies, further propelled by the addition of personnel exclusively focused on the campaign’s triumph. The global team’s commitment to 24/7 monitoring and their agile response to the evolving needs of the campaign guaranteed that the health and fitness brand not only met but exceeded its ambitious objectives.

The impressive results of this campaign are a testament to the power of a well-crafted media plan, the strategic use of technology, and the relentless dedication of a globally coordinated team. Through Strike Social’s efforts, the brand not only reached but surpassed its lofty goals, setting a new benchmark in digital advertising within the health and fitness sector.

If you want a similar social campaign solution, our team will be ready to discuss strategies crafted according to your requirements.


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