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QSR YouTube Case Study

Connected TV and YouTube Ads: A Recipe for Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) Paid Social Success


Reduction in CPM

The campaign achieved a lower cost per thousand impressions, making the advertising budget more efficient.


Increase in Efficiency

Compared to mobile devices, Connected TV proved to be a more effective medium.


Video Completion Rate (VCR) on CTV

The high VCR on Connected TV indicates strong viewer engagement and content resonance.

In a strategic move to amplify brand awareness across over 50+ branches in the United States, a leading QSR (Quick-Service Restaurant) chain harnessed the power of YouTube’s Skippable TrueView In-Stream ads and Connected TV. The campaign targeted a diverse audience with varying weekly budgets and Limited Time Offers (LTOs).

Driven by an Always-On approach and dynamic creative rotations, Strike Social leveraged data science tools for daily optimization. This meticulous YouTube ads strategy reached the most cost-effective and relevant targets, focusing on Connected TV viewers.

Campaign Strategy and Execution

The QSR chain utilized YouTube ad formats that included skippable TrueView In-Stream ads, known for engaging viewers while giving them the option to skip.

This format, combined with Connected TV, on-time campaign setup, and weekly swaps, ensured high engagement levels and effective reach.

The campaign’s success highlights the achievement of brand awareness at a minimal cost through targeting specific devices, timely swaps, and real-time optimizations.

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