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Artificial intelligence for YouTube advertising & paid social

Master YouTube advertising with AI software beta

Navigating YouTube advertising has never been easier than with Strike Social's powerful self-serve platform. Harness the power of AI to plan, optimize and report on any YouTube ad campaign.

  • Media plans rooted in deep historical data
  • Multivariate testing with in-flight optimizations
  • Insights for smarter future campaigns
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A few of our many happy clients

"Strike Social found a challenge in the marketplace, specifically for YouTube advertising, and built an incredibly powerful platform around that market gap."

Price Glomski

Price Glomski

Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy

"I work across a number of different categories, and no matter the campaign, I know I’m getting the most efficient, most optimized plan when I run with Strike Social."

Rachel Pawlow

Rachel Pawlow

Associate Media Director

Optimize your paid social 24/7

Looking for an outsourced solution for your paid social campaigns? Our global social media services offer continuous coverage across every major platform — including during peak internet hours.

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