Strike Social’s Prudent Approach Amidst The Google Ads Issue

Upholding Integrity In Video Advertising: Strike Social’s Prudent Approach Amidst The Google Ads Issue

Adalytics recently delivered a startling revelation that has sent shockwaves through the advertising world. Advertisers, ranging from Fortune 500 brands to small businesses, along with the US federal government, may have unknowingly been misled for years regarding Google’s proprietary TrueView skippable in-stream video ads. This alleged misalignment has potentially resulted in the misallocation of billions of digital ad dollars, which were inadvertently spent on subpar ad units such as small, muted, out-stream, auto-playing, or interstitial videos running on independent websites and mobile apps.

According to the reports on TrueView in-stream ad placements, major brands discovered that a significant portion of their TrueView in-stream ad spend, ranging from 42% to as high as 75%, was allocated to sites and apps within the Google Video Partners (GVP) network that failed to meet Google’s own standards.

In light of this revelation, advertisers and industry stakeholders find themselves grappling with pertinent questions that demand urgent answers. What implications does this have for advertisers? Are we on the brink of another Google boycott? Is Google still a reliable and effective platform for advertising?

As your trusted campaign management partner, Strike Social wants to assure you that our commitment to transparency, integrity, and quality remains unwavering across all our campaigns.

How Strike Social Handles Ad Placements On Google Display Networks

From meticulous campaign planning to seamless execution, our dedicated team adeptly navigates the intricacies of the platform to ensure your ads are showcased in suitable contexts. We understand the significance of aligning your brand with relevant content, and we employ advanced strategies to protect your ad placements.

Through ongoing optimization strategies, we fine-tune your campaigns to ensure optimal performance and maximize the return on your advertising investment. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your brand is protected and your ads are delivering optimum results.

Here’s how we maintain the highest standards across all our YouTube video advertising campaigns:

TrueView Instream Campaigns

In TrueView Instream campaigns, where Skippable TrueView assets are utilized, we never run these campaigns off YouTube or on video partners. This ensures that the video content is solely featured within the designated ad space, with audio typically enabled. A paid view is counted when an individual actively chooses not to skip the ad for a specific duration. 

The majority of our campaigns utilize TrueView and are exclusively confined to YouTube’s inventories.

youtube shorts trueview ad campaign example

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YouTube Video Action Campaigns (VAC)

While Google does not currently provide an opt-out feature for Google Video Partners in VAC campaigns, the exposure on Google Partners typically represents a smaller portion (around 15%-20%) of the overall investment in these campaigns. 

We are diligently working to gain more control over this aspect. Until such control is granted, it is our responsibility to inform you that some exposure on Google Partners may occur for specific goals including engagements (YouTube hosted such as Channel Followers or Live Viewers), downloads, subscribes, and landing page views or site actions.

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YouTube Shorts

Strike Social harnesses the potential of Shorts for campaigns with specific view goals. It is important to mention that Shorts run within VAC inventory, and marketers are currently unable to opt-out of Google Video Partners when utilizing Shorts. 

While exposure on Video Partners may be part of the overall mix, we firmly believe in the immense potential that Shorts offer to marketers. We eagerly await further advancements from Google that will provide us with increased control in this regard.

Staying Ahead: How Strike Social Adapts to Drive Exceptional Results for Your Brand

At Strike Social, we recognize that your brand’s success in the high net worth realm depends on more than just safeguarding its reputation. It requires a meticulous approach to data analysis, visualization, and a deep understanding of your unique requirements. That’s why we prioritize open communication and collaboration to ensure that our campaigns align seamlessly with your business goals.

Transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of our partnership. We remain at the forefront of industry developments, continuously adapting to changes to deliver exceptional results. Our advocacy for enhanced controls and safeguards in digital advertising underscores our commitment to protecting your investments.

Your trust in Strike Social is a privilege we deeply value. We are grateful for the opportunity to strengthen our partnership and help your brand achieve remarkable success in the digital realm. With our unwavering dedication, we will continue to navigate the dynamic field of digital and social media advertising, ensuring that your brand’s potential reaches new heights.


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