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Stand out on the world’s premier video platform
  • How you stack up against your competitors by view rate and cost
  • The latest demographic, seasonality and device trends to consider
  • New ways to think about targeting and testing your audience

The audience advertisers miss during the holidays
  • How advertisers distribute budgets across parents and non-parents
  • Adult spending habits and seasonal trends to consider
  • A definitive action plan for the most holiday impact

Giving baby boomers a closer look
  • How to bridge the gap between young and older audiences
  • Identify what resonates best with each generation
  • Industry tips to expand beyond your target audience

Game-changing benchmarks to appeal to an immersed audience
  • Seasonality trends, device use, demographics and more
  • Why YouTube gaming ads cost more than other industries
  • How to tap into your target audience with a sample media plan

Benchmarks comparing metrics across 25 industries
  • A look across industry metrics for view rate and costs
  • How to tap into the unknown audience to expand your reach
  • Why your audience cares about more than one topic