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The Evolution of 2023 Holiday Shopping
  • Explore a comprehensive analysis of how consumer behavior during the holiday shopping season has evolved.
  • Learn the importance of a strategic presence during Thanksgiving week as the demand increases in a condensed shopping period.

2023 Q3 CPV Key Players and Trends in YouTube Advertising
  • Explore viewer engagement trends and ad spend focus.
  • Our report offers a detailed breakdown of key metrics, including CPV, view rates, and video rates. Track how these campaigns evolved from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023, providing a strategic benchmark for your YouTube advertising strategies.

Discover 2023 Q2 CPV trends for YouTube advertising
  • Explore the prime influencers of YouTube CPV in Q2 2023 compared to prior periods.
  • Examine the breakdown of YouTube InStream Skippable campaigns with a Views objective, highlighting crucial metrics such as CPV, view rates, and video rates.

Discover 2023 Q1 CPV trends for YouTube advertising
  • Explore industry-specific view performance in YouTube TrueView Instream for Q1 2023.
  • Learn about the shift in CPV momentum over the last four quarters.

Uncover the latest YouTube Skippable campaign trends
  • The latest statistics on device trends that marketers should keep in mind
  • How the big screens helped advertisers leverage their ad campaigns
  • Examine different YouTube Skippable metrics, CPV, CPM, VR, and CVR for each industry