Make the Most of YouTube TrueView with Shorts Ads

Make the Most of YouTube TrueView with Shorts Ads

Why use YouTube Shorts on TrueView Ads?

Are you looking for a powerful way to advertise your brand on YouTube? Google TrueView Ads offers an effective way to reach your target audience and drive engagement. With the recent release of YouTube Shorts on TrueView ad objective, advertisers now have even more opportunities to connect with their audience. Discover the untapped potential of Short Ads with our guide.

What are TrueView ads and their benefits?

What are TrueView ads and their benefits? YouTube Shorts Ads on Mobile device

YouTube announced that Shorts creators could keep 45% of the revenue generated from views, providing a reliable compensation model for creators and making it an attractive option for brands interested in influencer marketing.

With its vast reach and ability to cross-promote content, YouTube Shorts offers a range of benefits for brands and creators looking to increase their brand visibility. By integrating vertical video ads into TrueView Ads campaigns, advertisers can effectively boost awareness while staying cost-effective. YouTube Shorts’ emphasis on creator compensation makes it a valuable addition to any advertising strategy looking to tap into the power of short-form video content.

Our guide will explore how TrueView ads can help brands advertise on Google, particularly YouTube Shorts. We’ll also look at different ad formats available and provide tips on creating successful YouTube ads.

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Understanding YouTube TrueView Ad Formats on Mobile

YouTube Shorts presents an excellent opportunity for advertisers to broaden their reach. YouTube Shorts Ads are swipeable videos or image ads between Shorts in the Shorts Feed. Combining YouTube Shorts with in-stream ads allows for a robust video advertising strategy where ads play before or during another video from a YouTube partner. Viewers can watch five seconds of the advertisement before choosing to continue or skip it.

One of the significant benefits of in-stream ads is that advertisers only pay when viewers watch their ad for at least 30 seconds or until the video’s end, whichever comes first. Advertisers also incur charges when viewers click on cards or other in-stream creative elements. This advertising format allows advertisers to target specific audiences and track their campaigns’ success through YouTube’s analytics tools.

YouTube TrueView In-Stream Ads Specs Make the Most of YouTube TrueView with Shorts Ads

Source: Think with Google

Best Practices for TrueView Ads Creative

Boost your TrueView ad success with these top 10 best practices. Want to make your TrueView ads stand out? Follow these guidelines to create video ads that grab users’ attention and drive engagement:

  • Hook viewers in the first five seconds. Remember, users can skip your ad after this time. Use this crucial period to convince them to keep watching.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Aim for 30 to 60 seconds to maximize user engagement.
  • Include clear calls to action. Tell users what to do after watching your ad.
  • Give viewers time to act. Reserve the last ten seconds (or more) for a static call-to-action, giving users time to click and explore.
  • Use a compelling, descriptive title. Reinforce your call-to-action and branding.
  • Choose an eye-catching thumbnail. Entice users to click and view your video.
  • Make your ad interactive. Use annotations and cards to enhance user engagement.
  • Tailor your ad for the platform. Create targeted advertisements that cater to specific YouTube content.
  • Experiment with multiple ad variations. See what resonates best with your target audience.
  • Create great content. Consider using emotionally compelling, entertaining, and informative.

Following these tips, you can create TrueView ads that captivate viewers, drive engagement, and help you achieve your advertising goals.

Additionally, with TrueView ads, you pay only when someone completes the view. However, understanding the full value of TrueView is crucial to optimizing your campaign’s performance.

What is the true value of TrueView ads?

With TrueView, you pay only when someone completes the view, but there’s much more to gain from the actions users take beyond that initial view. Understanding the full value of TrueView is crucial to optimizing your campaign’s performance.

Make the Most of YouTube TrueView with Shorts Ads - Completed Video Ad View Full Value of View

Guide in Setting up Shorts Ads on Trueview

As of the time of writing, the YouTube Shorts ad format is currently in beta testing. However, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of showcasing your ads in this promising new placement. 

  1. Create a New Campaign
  2. Under the Campaign Objective window, create a campaign without a goal’s guidance as your campaign objective. Select Video as your campaign type and Custom video campaign as a subtype.
Guide in Setting up Shorts Ads on Trueview - Objective
Guide in Setting up Shorts Ads on Trueview - Campaign Type
Guide in Setting up Shorts Ads on Trueview - Campaign subtype
  1. Under General Settings, fill out the following fields:
  1. Campaign Name
  2. Bid Strategy: Choose between Max CPV or Max CPM
  3. Budget and dates
  4. Networks
  5. Location targeting
  6. Languages
Guide in Setting up Shorts Ads on Trueview - Video Campaign
  1. Under Content Exclusions, select Additional Settings. To increase the chance to show your TrueView ad campaigns in YouTube shorts, select only the “Mobile” option under Devices.
  2. Copy-paste the URL of a YouTube Shorts you want to use for your TrueView ad campaign >  Choose skippable in-stream ad > Fill out the needed details such as:
  • Final URL (your landing page)
  • CTA
  • Headline 
Guide in Setting up Shorts Ads on Trueview YouTube Creative
  1. Set a Bid Strategy for CPV > Click Create Campaign to publish your ad

Curious to explore the untapped potential of YouTube Shorts ads?

Short-form video content will continue dominating digital screens, and YouTube Shorts might lead the way. With the increasing demand for video content, YouTube will continue to grow and evolve to accommodate new viewing behavior.

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It’s essential to understand the importance of video content in the advertising industry, especially with YouTube’s dominance. Keeping up with trends and evolving your advertising strategies is crucial to meeting consumers’ demands. Let our team help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition.


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