Google Offers Full Advertising Solution with YouTube Shorts Ads min

Google Offers Full Advertising Solution with YouTube Shorts Ads

Advertisers can now scale bottom-funnel campaigns, all thanks to YouTube Short ads. During Google Marketing Live 2022, the giant video company announced that they would gradually roll out ads to the YouTube Shorts feed. While Google is working on launching full access to Shorts inventory, media buyers can display video ads through Video Action Campaigns (VAC) and App Install Campaigns (AIC).

Since the launch of YouTube Shorts, marketers have awaited how Google will utilize this new feature. Rion Austin, Director of Global Solutions, noticed the shift in consumer behavior when deciding to purchase a product. People spend more time discovering brands and evaluating products than buying abruptly after seeing an ad. This trend gave more reason for consumers to spend time browsing on their sofas. Over the last two years, the average watch time on online videos has skyrocketed by 34%. Of all the channels, video platforms have more influence on buying decisions. 

Marketers utilize short-form videos to provide organic bite-sized information or inspiration content. In a short time, YouTube shorts has captured 1.5 billion logged-in users each month with an average of 30 billion views daily. Brands and creators have experienced growth in viewership and channel subscription. In the same effect, advertisers can leverage bottom-conversion campaigns by riding on the popularity of short-form content.

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YouTube Shorts Ads Boosts Conversion Campaigns on Mobile Devices

Micro video ads have shown better performance on mobile devices based on Yume and IPG Media Lab research. The content surrounding short-form videos has brought knowledge or entertained app users. Younger generations, Gen Zs and Millenials, have browsed longer on the mobile phones than they intended when watching UGC — typically snackable videos.

Strike Social data echoes the same success in how smartphones drive more ad engagement. Various YouTube Video Action Campaigns results show that mobile has delivered more output than costs. 

YouTube Video Action Campaign Insights

Based on the data gathered, 7% of video viewers engage entirely with the ad after watching it—three times more than desktop users. With the ease of mobile usage, handheld devices continue to impact every touchpoint in the purchase journey.

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Video Action Campaign Guide: Create More Action in YouTube Short Ads

Advertisers cannot just rely on budget allocation and ad placements. Understanding the benefit and ad specification is essential to achieving desired results. Here are the advantages and guidelines for Action campaigns in preparation for the rollout of YouTube Short Ads. 

What are YouTube Video Action Campaigns?

Video Action Campaign (VAC) is one of the YouTube advertising solutions that make shopping more convenient through digital video ads. During Q1 of 2022, campaigns running in TrueView for Action transitioned to VAC. The change of name came with an upgrade in performance and efficiency.

What are the benefits when running Action Video ad formats? Google scales campaigns across all devices and inventories. With the addition of YouTube Shorts ads placements, optimizing to drive conversions will be more efficient with consumers spending on short-form videos. 

Video Action Campaign Ad Specs

Skippable In-Stream and In-Feed Video are placements that can display VAC ads, but the layout and functionality differ based on the device. Other ad placements are: YouTube Home Feed, YouTube Watch Page, YouTube Watch Next, YouTube Search Results, Google Video Partners, and the latest addition is YouTube Shorts.

With the possibility of video ads appearing on the YouTube shorts feed, the ideal video length should be shorter than 60 seconds but at least 10 seconds long. Check the image below for other creative guidelines. 

Ideal video length should be less than 60 seconds, but at least 10 seconds or more, as video ads can appear in YouTube Shorts feeds. See the image below for more creative guidelines.

Youtube Ad Specs: Video Action Campaign

Best Practices for Video Action Campaigns

Budget Allocation

Winning in the auction requires the suitable distribution of the daily budget. Google recommends a 15x or more budget than your target CPA for 7 to 8 days of optimization time. The daily budget for a two-week learning curve will be 10x to 15x of the desired CPA.

Audience Targeting

Create an audience based on search keywords, Customer Match, Data, and Similar segments. Google recommends opt-in optimized targeting. For StrikeSocial clients, our team creates hyper granular targeting and optimizes to campaign with high output efficiency. 

Developing Creatives

Hook viewers right from the start. Ideally, for YouTube Shorts viewers, capture their attention in the first 2-5 seconds of your video. Always echo call-to-action on video clips, compelling graphics, or voiceovers. 

YouTube Short and Long Form Video Ads: Full-Funnel Advertising Solutions

Ads on Youtube are becoming more and more popular among advertisers. Marketers can develop full-funnel video advertising strategies with growing video inventory, offering long and short-form video content.

From scaling views or impressions via co-viewing on Connected TV to influencing purchasing decisions using a micro video ad, YouTube provides a one-stop solution across all devices and objectives in generating more advertising output. 

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