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How To Protect Your Online Reputation With Facebook Brand Safety

MediaOcean’s 2023 Outlook Report highlights that 40% of marketers feel uneasy about the escalating prominence of brand safety issues. With an upsurge in awareness among social media advertisers about potential risks, they understand the necessity for vigilant monitoring and scrutiny of ad placements. However, the issue persists, and the imperative to safeguard your online reputation is as important as ever.

How Can Facebook Brand Safety Defend Your Digital Presence

Facebook stands as the go-to platform for advertisers, boasting an impressive global ad reach of 2.08 billion individuals. This positions it as a vital platform for marketers striving for substantial growth. However, the broad user base and far-reaching influence of Facebook provide both unparalleled opportunities and potential pitfalls for businesses and advertisers alike.

Therefore, it’s a top priority for brands to steer clear of associations with unsuitable content. From fraudulent accounts and harmful content to ad scams and ill-suited ad placements, advertisers need to be cognizant of these hazards and take preventative measures to counteract them.

Why Is Brand Safety Important?

Regardless of the company’s size or the popularity of its Facebook account, there are a multitude of reasons why brand safety should be prioritized above all else. 

  • Preventing advertisers from the potential harm of having their ads displayed alongside unsuitable content;
  • Helping maintain consistency and relevance, ensuring that ads are displayed in environments that align with the brand’s values, and resonate with the intended target audience;
  • Avoiding ad placements on websites with a high likelihood of producing counterfeit or fraudulent clicks.

Given Facebook’s diverse spectrum of content being disseminated every feed’s refresh, it necessitates diligent attention towards digital brand safety. For businesses, securing a safe brand persona on Facebook is indispensable as it directly impacts customer perception and trustworthiness. Consequently, if ads are exhibited alongside objectionable content, it can lead to detrimental associations and diminish the brand’s credibility.

In a period where social media outrage can proliferate rapidly, a minor lapse in brand safety can escalate into a full-scale crisis, inflicting considerable financial and reputational damage.

How Far Do Facebook Brand Safety Tools Go?

Facebook’s brand safety tools work diligently to shield your ads from appearing adjacent to content that may not align with your company’s principles or desired image.

However, while this tool offers clear benefits to brands eager to avoid controversy, it doesn’t guarantee universal advantages. The decisions made by Facebook, particularly concerning political advertisers, have sparked controversy, especially amongst digital strategists and advertisers. Stringent adherence to Facebook’s content guidelines becomes vital for these businesses to circumvent account suspension.

Yet, it’s essential to remember that brand safety isn’t solely about advertisers. It is also intended to protect Meta users. By suppressing harmful content, Facebook strives to cultivate a safer, more engaging experience for all its users. Shielding viewers from encountering offensive material is a fundamental part of Facebook’s commitment to maintaining a positive user environment.

As a leading social advertising platform, Facebook understands the significance of balancing brand protection with individual responsibility. The platform recognizes the need to tactfully navigate these aspects to foster a harmonious and beneficial digital space for all its users.

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Exploring Facebook’s Brand Safety Tools and Features

A range of tools is now available to advertisers, designed to fortify Facebook’s brand safety and suitability, ensuring advertisements are shown in appropriate contexts. Here are some key brand safety features offered by Facebook:

Please note: The availability of these features may be progressive; they may not be visible to all users immediately.

1. Manual Placements: This feature of Facebook’s brand safety suite lets advertisers select precise locations where they want their ads to appear across Meta Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. If there are specific environments within these platforms where you’d rather not have your ads displayed, you can deselect those placements.

example of manual placements settings for facebook ads

Source: Social Media Examiner

2. Content Exclusions: With the help of content exclusion controls, prevent your ads from being showcased next to specific types of content, such as Crime and Tragedy, News & Politics, and Social Issues.

facebook brand safety and suitability content type exclusions

3. Inventory Filter: The Inventory Filter on Facebook allows advertisers additional control over sensitive content for select ad placements, including Facebook in-stream video, Ads on Facebook Reels, and Audience Network. This feature empowers advertisers to dictate the nature of content their ads will be positioned alongside.

facebook brand safety and suitability inventory filter

Please note: To qualify for these placements, publishers must adhere to Facebook’s policies.

4. Delivery Reports: Advertisers have access to delivery insights that deliver transparency on ad delivery locations. This granular data aids in monitoring ad placements, identifying potential brand safety threats, and making data-driven decisions for their campaigns.

5. Brand Safety Partners: Facebook has joined forces with reliable brand safety partners to consistently enhance brand safety controls and tools, addressing the ever-evolving needs of advertisers. These partnerships highlight Facebook’s commitment to transparency, control, and equipping advertisers with the necessary tools to optimize ad placements. Partners include:

  • Zefr
  • DoubleVerify
  • Integral Ad Science
  • OpenSlate

It’s important to remember that although these tools and controls aim to enhance Facebook’s brand safety, no system is foolproof, and occasional glitches may still occur. Therefore, advertisers should regularly review and update their brand safety settings to ensure their advertisements align with their preferred standards.

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What Happens When My Facebook Ads Appear With Inappropriate Content?

Facebook has encountered issues in guaranteeing brand safety, leading to detrimental consequences for advertisers. A significant instance of this took place in 2020 when numerous key advertisers, including renowned brands like Starbucks and Diageo, joined a boycott in response to concerns about Facebook’s handling of misinformation and hate speech. This collective action spotlighted the escalating concerns among marketers regarding Facebook’s effectiveness in ensuring brand safety.

Such instances underscore the challenges Facebook grapples with in preserving brand safety. They also accentuate the importance for advertisers to consistently supervise ad placements, leverage content exclusion tools, and collaborate with platforms to avoid associating their ads with unsuitable or harmful content.

Here are some potential consequences when your ads are shown next to inappropriate content:

  1. Brand Damage: Displaying ads next to offensive or inappropriate content can harm the associated brands’ reputation and image. Users may link the brand to the harmful content, forming negative perceptions, which could lead to a loss of trust and potential customers.
  1. Negative User Experience: Users who see ads adjacent to unsuitable content might find it offensive, distressing, or irrelevant. This can cause a poor user experience, frustration, and a negative perception of both the content and the advertiser.
  1. Loss of Ad Effectiveness: Users are less likely to interact with or click on ads displayed alongside objectionable content. This can lead to reduced click-through rates, conversions, and overall slowing down return on investment for advertisers.

These negative effects emphasize the importance of proactive ad monitoring and taking responsibility for brand safety. By strategically employing Facebook’s brand safety tools and ensuring you’re leveraging their full potential, you can protect your brand’s reputation and ensure your ads are shown in appropriate contexts.

Strike Social: Your Ally in Safeguarding Your Ad on Facebook

At Strike Social, we prioritize your brand’s safety on Facebook by offering comprehensive campaign management tailored to your advertising initiatives.

Our comprehensive approach involves managing your account meticulously and consistently monitoring all activities. Our vigilant monitoring enables us to respond immediately to potential incidents and pause ads or campaigns when necessary. This swift action mitigates potential risks, thereby protecting your brand’s reputation.

Our devoted team of professionals strives to manage your account with the highest level of diligence. We aim to provide more than just optimization – we ensure every element of your campaigns runs seamlessly. Our stringent monitoring processes allow us to closely track your ads’ performance and address any issues as soon as possible.

A young man working on his laptop building sponsored ads on Facebook Ads Manager

Photo by Brian Jones from Unsplash

We consistently enhance our brand safety process to align with the ever-evolving advertising platforms’ rules and policies. Meet with our specialists today and explore how our cutting-edge brand safety solutions can safeguard your digital business landscape.

Additionally, due to the high volume of campaigns we’ve managed on Facebook and other advertising platforms, we’ve been assigned a dedicated support team for each campaign. We aim to provide personalized support and expert guidance on your brand safety journey on Facebook.

Building Trust: The Key Role of Brand Safety on Facebook

Regardless of a company’s size or industry, Facebook’s brand suitability and safety tools are accessible to all advertisers. Even if you solely utilize Facebook to promote your business, investing in the platform’s tools and measures is always wise.

The importance of Facebook brand safety cannot be emphasized enough. By prioritizing digital brand safety, businesses can cultivate consumer trust, uphold a positive image, and foster enduring success on the world’s most comprehensive social media platform. As social media keeps evolving, maintaining a proactive and vigilant stance in safeguarding brand safety on Facebook is key to thriving in the digital world.


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