Sell More with Facebook Shops Guide to Get Started

Sell More with Facebook Shops: Guide to Get Started

Welcome to the world of Facebook Shops! In today’s tech-driven world, businesses must establish an online presence to expand their reach and drive profits. Keeping up with technological advancements has become a necessity rather than just a preference. And what better way to do so than with a Facebook Shop?

Social commerce has revolutionized how brands sell products, and Facebook Shops has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their discoverability and reach new customers. This guide will explore setting up a Facebook Shop, from creating your account to knowing the best practices. Whether new to social commerce or simply looking to maximize your results, this guide is the perfect resource for anyone looking to sell on Facebook.

Guide to Build Your Social Shop and Start Selling on Facebook

  1. Facebook Shops: An Overview of Brands
  2. Facebook Shops vs. Facebook Marketplace: Comparison
  3. ​How to Set Up Facebook Shops
  4. Best Practices to Maximize Facebook Shops Potential
  5. Conclusion

Facebook Shops: An Overview for Brands

Facebook Shops provides a solution for brands to keep cadence with social commerce’s evolution, giving them the tools they need to sell their products through these platforms efficiently.

Another exciting aspect of Facebook Shops is the ability to tag products during live streams on Facebook and Instagram. This can drive traffic to your page and encourage customers to make purchases. Overall, Facebook Shops gives businesses a powerful and effective way to reach their audience and increase sales.

Facebook Shops vs. Facebook Marketplace: Comparison

With a massive US user base of 266 million monthly, Facebook provides businesses with a dynamic platform to promote and sell their products engagingly and interactively.

When it comes to setting up your online presence with Facebook, you have the option of using either Facebook Shops or Marketplace. This guide is designed to help you make informed decisions and determine the best choice for your business needs.

Facebook ShopsFacebook Marketplace
User InterfaceAn eCommerce-like platform for brands to streamline the buying process without leaving the appA visual garage-like selling within local communities where an individual can do product listing
AccountBusiness Page admins can manage the Facebook Shops accountCan sell using Personal Account
Store reachProducts are globally availableProducts are locally available for others can browse and purchase items
BoostingBrands can boost particular products or the entire store using Facebook advertising capabilities.Same with Facebook Shops, sellers can boost their marketplace listing
InquiriesBusiness Page admins can respond to user inquiries as they come inInquiries about the product will appear on the seller’s profile
Products VarietyProducts are limited to the content of the Page and brands.Can have a variety and mix of products based on the seller’s preference
InventoryBrands can either manage their inventory themselves or use third-party technology to track and manage their inventory across multiple platforms.Sellers can track their product listings without having to keep any inventory.

How to Set Up Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops Pre-requisite

Here’s what you’ll need to start setting up your Facebook shops.

  • Have a Facebook Business page. You can create one while setting up your shop. 
  • Make sure you are an admin of the Facebook page.
  • Have a business account on Instagram (if you also want to set up a shop on Instagram)
  • Comply with Facebook’s commerce policies.
  • Make sure your business complies with all local laws and regulations

Please note that this is a general checklist, and there may be additional requirements or steps depending on your specific business and location

Step #1: Setting up your Facebook Commerce Manager

1. Log in to your Facebook Commerce Manager account

Sell More with Facebook Shop: Guide to Get Started - Facebook Commerce Manager Account

2. Choose between Shop and Catalog:

  • Create Shop: physical products.
  • Create a catalog: sell or advertise goods such as travel, rentals, vehicles, and media
Sell More with Facebook Shop: Guide to Get Started - Create a Shop

3. Choose your preferred checkout method

Several checkout options are available for businesses to use when setting up their store. These include: 

  • Checkout on Website: This allows customers to be redirected to the business’s website to complete their purchases.
  • Checkout on Facebook or Instagram: This allows customers to purchase products directly from a business’s Facebook/Instagram page using their account information
    • Shop Pay by Shopify: Once toggled on, businesses can integrate their Facebook Shop with their Shopify store, allowing customers to complete their purchases on the Shopify platform.
  • Checkout on messaging: This allows customers to purchase products directly from a business’s WhatsApp or Messenger profile using them as purchase channels.
Sell More with Facebook Shop: Guide to Get Started - Checkout Website

4. Select the Business Page you want to showcase your products to > Next

Sell More with Facebook Shop: Guide to Get Started - Choose Channel

5. Create or connect with your Business Account > Add Products (if your Business Account already has a product catalog > Next

Take note: If you haven’t previously created a catalog, don’t worry! A catalog will be automatically generated for you within Commerce Manager, with the title “Items for (Name and ID of your Page).” You’ll be able to add your products to this catalog later once your shop is fully set up.

6. Fill out the necessary fields on Shipping destinations. You can still change this setting as you move forward) 

Sell More with Facebook Shop: Guide to Get Started - Choose shipping destinations

7. Preview and check all your shop details > Review and agree on Seller Agreement > Finish set up

Sell More with Facebook Shop: Guide to Get Started - Preview

Now you’re done creating your shop. You can manage and market your catalog.

Step #2: Adding Products to your Product Catalog

Facebook Product catalogs easily manage product information and inventory using Commerce Manager tools. You can add products to your catalog in several ways depending on their type, size, and frequency of change.

Sell More with Facebook Shop: Guide to Get Started - Product Catalog

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Step #3: How to Advertise your Facebook Shop

With your Facebook Shop now live, it’s time to showcase your products to a vast audience. Utilize a product catalog to advertise your offerings on the platform effectively. And to truly take your business to the next level, consider leveraging Facebook’s paid advertising opportunities to promote items in your catalog. 

Sell More with Facebook Shop: Guide to Get Started - Advertise Facebook Shop

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Best Practices to Maximize Facebook Shops Potential

As Meta return to its orbit as the king of social platforms, brands need to make the most out of their presence. According to a report by Insider intelligence, Facebook’s Daily Active Users hit 2.0 billion during the last quarter of 2022. Facebook Shops can be a gateway for businesses to ramp up their promotion and drive more sales.

To help you optimize your Facebook Shops potential, we outline the following best practices:

  1. Maintain an Up-to-Date Product Catalog: Ensure that your inventory is consistently updated and in sync with your website by regularly adding new products.
  2. Leverage Paid Advertising: Utilize Facebook Shops’ advertising capabilities to drive traffic to your shop and increase sales.
  3. Present Clear and Concise Product Information: Display product titles, descriptions, categories, and shipping information straightforwardly and comprehensively.
  4. Utilize Product Tagging Features: Use product tags in your Facebook and Instagram posts, stories, and live videos to empower your organic content.
  5. Provide a seamless checkout experience: Make it smooth and easy for your customers to purchase your products.

Following these best practices can effectively position your products and increase your sales on Facebook Shops.


Facebook Shops is an effective way to increase brand awareness, boost customer engagement and reach the right audiences through Facebook’s targeting capabilities. It is easy to set up and manage, cost-effective and can give brands a competitive advantage in the social commerce market.

Shops offer a seamless experience for both businesses and customers. Not only does it provide a new way to connect with potential customers, but it also allows companies to expand their reach and increase their sales potential. If you’re an advertiser looking to take advantage of this powerful tool, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Strike Social to learn more about how to maximize your advertising efforts, our team of experts is here to help. 


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