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Marketers’ Reaction to The Restriction of TikTok in the United States

The ticking clock on the restriction of TikTok in the United States grows louder each day. As US TikTok app users closer to the possibility of a ban, the platform’s vibrant community, encompassing a wide range of demographics, faces an uncertain future. The concerns extend beyond the app’s users; marketers worldwide are also bracing for the TikTok ban’s potential ripple effects on advertising strategies and content creation.

To fully grasp this complex debate, we must look back at TikTok’s evolution in the US. It’s a tale of transformation—from a hub for dance trends and viral skits to a focal point of national security discussions. Join us as we unpack the multifaceted narrative of TikTok’s ascent and the ensuing controversies that have put its presence in the US at risk.

Here’s a snapshot of the pivotal moments that have shaped TikTok’s journey in the US, underscoring the app’s ascent and the controversies that have threatened its presence:

TikTok US Ban timeline 2019 to 2024 (1)

The evolving narrative around TikTok’s operational challenges in the US  speaks a broader conversation about digital privacy, national security, and the future of international tech companies on American soil.

For marketers who have found efficacy and opportunity on the platform, the looming question is not just hypothetical but pressing: ‘What are the next steps after hearing the news about the restriction of TikTok in the United States?”

Why Panicking Isn’t Your 2024 TikTok Strategy

The potential US Government ban on TikTok has caused fear and panic among many users, creators, and advertisers. Headlines scream “Ban TikTok!” while social media feeds are flooded with speculation and lists of “Here’s what to do”. But before hitting the panic button, let’s take a deep breath and separate fact from fiction based on the recent news about TikTok.

Focusing on Facts rather than Fear

Unfortunately, the uncertainty surrounding banning TikTok has become a breeding ground of confusion and baseless decisions. Here are some common anxieties we’ll discuss and give light:

Complete Ban Imminent

  • While the US House has proposed a nationwide ban, it hasn’t been enacted. The situation is constantly evolving, with ongoing discussions and investigations. However, no one can pinpoint when US users will lose access to TikTok. 
  • The proposed ban would impact not only the general public but also government devices and all government contracts. This includes personal devices used for federal contract work. To determine if your company is exempt from these restrictions, consider conducting an EPLS search.

Data Vanishing Act

  • Users worried about losing all their data can find some solace here. Since June 2022, TikTok claims to have transferred US user data to Oracle servers in the US. However, skepticism persists regarding China’s potential data access.

Safekeeping Content

  • Similar to having a window to access the data, even in a ban scenario, users can download their data –  photos, videos, and other content.

The Fall of Content Creator

  • A geographical restriction wouldn’t necessarily spell doom for influencer marketing. Influencers and creators have been exploring other platforms or adapting their strategies to build new audiences right from the beginning. 

TikTok Community Adaptation

  • If a ban happens, it’s unlikely to be immediate. The restriction of TikTok in the United States would give advertisers time to adjust their strategies and explore alternative platforms that might emerge to fill the gap. Businesses and creators should be ready to follow where the TikTok Nomads will eventually find their new home. 

Short-Term Effects of a Potential TikTok Ban for Advertisers  – Benefit of Not Panicking

Advertisers who have decided to stand still and tell their clients “Business As Usual” right after the news breaks out may reap their rewards. The ripple effect of a ban could catalyze a redistribution of ad budgets across paid social platforms. Once ad money started to steer away from TikTok, advertisers might feel the tilt of price movement when comparing ad cost to other major short-form video platforms such as YouTube and Meta. This heightened activity might initially drive up ad costs.

Moreover, the departure of some advertisers from TikTok, anticipating a ban, opens up the floor for lower competition on the platform. This scenario creates a more open playing field for those who choose to stay, offering enhanced visibility and potentially higher engagement rates at lower costs. Remember, the users did not leave the platform, and TikTok’s average time spent on the platform continues to rise. Isn’t that the land filled with milk and honey for the advertisers? 

Lastly, the rise of emerging platforms in the wake of TikTok’s challenges could spotlight new advertising opportunities. These platforms will likely introduce innovative targeting options and deeper audience insights, offering fresh avenues to explore and capitalize on. YouTube has developed its ad solutions by adding YouTube Shorts to its ad placements (Video Action Campaign, Video View Campaign, and Video Reach Campaign). Facebook is supercharging Reels by adding it to their sales-driven campaign objective, shopping ads.

How Do We React About The Restriction of TikTok in the United States

In today’s lens, the news on the TikTok ban may seem like a hurdle, but it can also be an opportunity for growth and efficacy. Businesses that remain adaptable and embrace change will be well-positioned to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Advertisers should stay on their fingers about the latest developments surrounding the ban and potential timelines.  From a long-term perspective, advertisers can prevent TikTok doom’s day by diversifying their marketing strategies by exploring alternative platforms and tailoring content to each platform’s specific audience and format. Remember, strong content that resonates with your target audience is the backbone of any successful digital marketing campaign, regardless of your chosen platform.

For short sprints of TikTok campaigns, media buyers may see efficiency once the room filled with buyers starts emptying some space due to moving ad money away from TikTok. Remaining proactive, creative, and data-driven, you can transform uncertainty into a springboard for success in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

If you want to talk more about the possible effects and what to do next about the news around the restriction of TikTok in the United States, feel free to contact our Strike experts.

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