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TikTok Spark Ads vs. Non-Spark Ads: What Marketers Should know

In a snap of a finger, advertisers have turned their curiosity into a necessity when talking about TikTok ads. Research shows that more brands are opting to move their ad money, as TikTok advertising revenue is forecast to triple by the end of the year, amounting to $11 billion.

Similarly, Strike saw a massive boost in TikTok ad spending. However, with TikTok’s rapid growth, marketers need to determine and understand the usability of available ad formats like Spark Ads vs. Non-Spark Ads.

TikTok Spark Ads vs. Non-Spark Ads: Which is Best? 

As much as you want to know the answer, it should begin with understanding the definition, learning the availability of objectives per ad unit, and knowing ad specs limitations.

What is a TikTok Spark Ad? Marketers use this ad format to scale UGC (User Generated Content) and own organic content. It helps drive more eyes and engagement during brand discovery. For a quick reference, this is similar to boosting posts on Facebook and Instagram but with the ability to use influencer feed posts.

On the other hand, TikTok Non-Spark ads are a standard format delivered to the ‘For You’ page. Ad video placing is seamless, creating a more native content approach but with a Call-To-Action for TikTok users. 

Campaign Setup Differences of Spark Ads vs. Non-Spark Ad

Each campaign is unique from the other. Every detail when buying media is directly affecting ad outcomes. Before switching to your TikTok Ad Manager account, you can run through the table below for a quick comparison when setting up TikTok Spark ads and Non-Spark ads.

Ad Campaign Metrics Comparison

TikTok Spark Ads vs. Non-Spark Ads Campiagn Metrics

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Well-curated media plans are the primary tool for a successful campaign. By creating a more well-defined measure of success, brands can efficiently take the next step in the sales funnel. 

Spark Ads campaign metrics can measure a variety of ad interactions. Profile visit KPIs, follower growth from paid ads, and music link engagement are some indicators that help marketers understand how their target audiences respond to their ads.

Post Type and User Ad Engagement Comparison

In the battle of paid social, platforms that can deliver more native and interactive ad units win consumers. App users can easily define an ad from native content, but TikTok Spark Ads can further leverage highly engaging organic posts increasing reach and brand discovery without changing the advertising experience.

For digital advertising, users are more receptive to brand messaging when using more instinctive content. Based on TikTok for Business findings, 84% have considered purchasing a product or service after seeing branded video content. 

TikTok Spark Ads vs. Non-Spark Ads Posting Type Landing page interactions

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Similar to the importance of understanding campaign metrics, focusing on ad details leads to high user ad engagement. TikTok Ad Manager adds a few ad structures for different objectives: optimize to more landing pages, app installation, page visits, and boost followings. One recognizable detail is the Add icon, placed under the brand’s profile photo—allowing users to follow the account without leaving the ad.

Tips for using TikTok Spark Ads

Unlike Spark Ads, video creatives for Non-Spark ad units are uploaded through TikTok Business Center. Users will see the video first as soon as the ad is displayed. Because of that, it will take some time for the TikTok Business Manager to learn about potentially interested consumers. The existing post brings a different scenario. These contents have gathered audience data through organic engagement or have appeared on the For You page, giving them a head start.

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When should marketers choose their organic posts versus creators’ content when setting up TikTok Spark Ads:

When choosing a brand’s organic posts as Spark ads:
  • Grow social presence and build the following
  • Build the bottom-funnel audience for retargeting
  • Ideal to compliment with an Always-On Campaign 
When using the creator’s organic posts as Spark ads:
  • Boost your campaign with the help of the creators’ content influence
  • To develop a more authentic and native feel to your ad. 

Staying Above the Advertising Curve

TikTok has not just captured the attention of most marketers but also won convincing marketers to dedicate a higher share of the budget to their advertising platform. The short-formed video app is famous for its creative and authentic content providing the same experience as when users view ads. 

TikTok Sparks Ads is a new and unique advertising solution for marketers to drive brand awareness and engagement. It directly speaks to the community using its native and relevant video content.

Start boosting and discover the advertising efficiency and adaptability of TikTok Spark Ads. 

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