TikTok Mockup image Guide To TikTok Inventory Filter: Safeguarding Brand's Presence

Guide To TikTok Inventory Filter: Safeguarding Brand’s Presence

Strengthening brand safety is a top priority for advertisers, and TikTok has responded by introducing a brand safety in-app feature, TikTok Inventory Filter.

A Detailed Guide to TikTok Inventory Filter Tiers for Improved Content Suitability

Given the rapid growth of the US TikTok community, the need for advertisers to present content that aligns with their brand values has never been more crucial. With a surge of new video content uploaded on the app, managing brand representation in such a dynamic environment poses a unique challenge.

To address this, TikTok has developed an in-app feature, the TikTok Inventory Filter, which effectively safeguards against inappropriate content displayed alongside advertisements. This tool not only preserves a brand’s reputation but also significantly enhances the advertising environment on the platform. Consequently, the captivating nature of the ads and user experience influence the success of TikTok ad campaigns.

In today’s digital world, brand safety and suitability are paramount. Even minor brand missteps can stir negative reactions due to heightened audience sensitivities. Therefore, all stakeholders must collaborate seamlessly to safeguard ad campaigns.

In this article, we’ll guide you on safeguarding your brand’s digital presence on TikTok using the TikTok Inventory Filter. We’ll also explore this tool’s advantages and distinctive features and how it contributes to a secure and apt environment for your TikTok advertising.

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Understanding the TikTok Inventory Filter’s Role in Enhancing Brand Safety

With the launch of the TikTok Inventory Filter, advanced machine-learning technology can classify content based on risk levels. Advertisers can protect their brand reputation by selecting suitable inventory for their In-Feed Ads on the ‘For You’ page.

Available in over 25 countries and supporting 15+ languages, this brand safety solution is a significant milestone for TikTok. According to Jon Schmucler, Global Head of Product Marketing, Measurement at TikTok, it is the foundational technology for future advertising advancements.

By using the TikTok Inventory Filter, advertisers can ensure that their ads align with the desired content environment and are not associated with a wide range of potentially inappropriate categories, including:

  • Violent extremism
  • Hateful behavior
  • Illegal activities and regulated goods
  • Dangerous acts and challenges
  • Suicide, self-harm, and disordered eating
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Adult nudity and sexual activities
  • Minor safety
  • Integrity and authenticity
  • Copyright and trademark infringement

The TikTok Inventory Filter also provides an extra layer of protection by combating fraudulent activities. Protecting ads from fake or bot-generated content enhances transparency and credibility, safeguarding your investment as an advertiser.

TikTok’s commitment to brand safety is also demonstrated through its content moderation practices. Implementing the Inventory Filter guards against inappropriate or conflicting content, ensuring content suitability and a positive user experience.

TikTok’s In-app safety tool offers three tiers of brand safety and suitability. These tiers adhere to TikTok’s policies and industry-standard frameworks like GARM Brand Safety Floor and Brand Suitability. Using the TikTok Ads Manager, advertisers can select their preferred tier.

This table shows the evaluation of videos within the Inventory Filter based on industry-standard risk levels:

Risk LevelDescription
Floor ContentVideos that violate TikTok’s community guidelines, terms of service, or intellectual property rights.
High-Risk ContentVideos that involve the glamorization or gratuitous depiction of mature themes.
Medium Risk ContentVideos that feature fictional or entertainment-based depictions of mature themes.
Low-Risk ContentVideos that focus on educational portrayals of mature themes.
image 5

TikTok’s Inventory Filter offers advertisers three distinct inventory tiers, providing a custom advertising experience that aligns with their brand’s safety needs.

Firstly, the Full Inventory tier offers an expanded reach, presenting ads next to content that may feature mature themes. However, it maintains a safe ad environment by excluding content with graphic violence, explicit nudity, and graphic sexual content.

Next, with its regular reach, the Standard Inventory tier places ads alongside content deemed generally suitable for most brands. This could involve some mature themes. Exclusions in this tier consist of moderate profanity, moderate sexual scenarios, and all exclusions from the Full Inventory tier.

Lastly, despite offering a more restricted reach, the Limited Inventory tier ensures your ads are matched with content free of mature themes. This tier excludes mild sexual content, mild violence, and all exclusions from the Full and Standard inventory tiers. Nonetheless, choosing this tier may lead to higher ad costs due to a more selective content pool.

These inventory tiers provide advertisers with robust options for managing their ad placements effectively on TikTok, which allows for maximized brand safety and control over the advertising environment. For a comprehensive guide on using the TikTok Inventory Filter, advertisers can refer to TikTok’s Business Help Center

Optimal Brand Safety: Utilizing TikTok Inventory Filter

Several well-recognized brands have effectively harnessed the power of the TikTok Inventory Filter to bolster their brand safety measures and sharpen their ad targeting on TikTok. The in-app tool allows them to tailor their ad placements, aligning them with suitable content and amplifying brand safety.

A number of leading brands have already embraced the TikTok Inventory Filter, reporting extraordinary results with delivery rates soaring above 95%. Standouts include industry heavyweights like Unilever, which boasts incredible brand safety and suitability rates of 99.99% and above, serving as a testament to the efficacy of the TikTok Inventory Filter.

Yet another success story comes from Adidas. They achieved a remarkable 99.9% in Brand Safety and Brand Suitability. This success underlines the assurance that their ads are showcased alongside content that aligns seamlessly with their brand values and objectives on TikTok.

With the TikTok Inventory Filter at their disposal, brands can be assured of delivering their messages in a secure, brand-friendly environment. 

Is TikTok a Safe Bet for Advertisers?

Sample Video ad for TikTok Pulse, TikTok Inventory Filter

TikTok remains committed to user safety and provides a secure environment for advertisers. With ongoing enhancements, TikTok continually tests new technical iterations and customization options within the Inventory Filter to remain at the forefront of industry trends.

TikTok is unifying its offerings across all ad products as part of its extensive brand safety strategy. As a result, the Inventory Filter will be integral to platforms like TikTok Pulse and Branded Mission. This unified approach ensures consistency and seamless integration of safety measures in ad campaigns.

Advertisers can bolster their brand safety by leveraging the TikTok Inventory Filter and cultivating meaningful ad experiences. TikTok’s dedication to brand safety, complemented by its innovative toolset, validates its trustworthiness. It’s an ideal platform for advertisers seeking campaign enhancement while adeptly navigating TikTok’s brisk environment.

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