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YouTube Shorts Under YouTube: Platform for Social Commerce

As digital storefronts continue to attract consumers, YouTube is evolving into shoppers’ wingman in deciding the best deal when purchasing a product. Most curious shoppers open their YouTube app searching for the most viewed unboxing video, the most recent video testimonial, or the most engaged video review before emptying their digital shopping carts. The new shopping behavior makes video content essential to building brand awareness and social commerce. With YouTube Shorts growing in popularity among video viewers, and with the help of the YouTube Video Action Campaign, advertisers can leverage all forms of video content to meet potential customers in every part of their purchase journey.

It’s known that YouTube receives millions of video content daily, but everyday users only see what is the most popular and viewed. The growth of social commerce is pushing video content to be unconsciously a personal shopping advisor. As a result, advertisers should expect more consumers to spend time skimming on YouTube. A report made by McKinsey & Company shows optimism about how they expect consumers to interact with brands directly on social media platforms. By 2025, nearly 75% projected growth in US retail social-commerce sales, from $45.7 to $79.6 billion, accounting for 5% of total US e-commerce.

But with millions of videos available and accounts competing for the same eyes that resemble the same target audience, how can brands increase customer loyalty? When it comes to finding a reliable online source, the numbers speak for themselves.

YouTube: Platform For Social Commerce

YouTube has leveled the playing field in the battle of short-form content with the release of the shorts. While playing a screen tug-of-war against TikTok, the more established social video network grabbed the opportunity to add a new dimension of content on top of the millions of existing inventory. YouTube gave advertisers the flexibility of assets to use, matching consumers’ interests and building brand credibility.

Insider Intelligence reports that YouTube is the most trusted social media platform for US shoppers. Respondents cited that they are finding new items and have purchased different products within the video app. As YouTube Shorts brings new forms of entertainment to video viewers, marketers should expect YouTube’s user base to grow. More social shoppers will continue to converge on YouTube, searching for the latest how-to or unboxing videos of the product they are considering purchasing.

But how can new brands on the platform leverage YouTube Shorts to increase brand awareness and convert casual viewers to loyal subscribers? 

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Grow YouTube Subscribers Using Video Action Campaign And YouTube Shorts

Now that more casual users prefer watching short-form videos, bite-sized informative and entertaining content creates more impact and influence on YouTube users. Combining the influential effect of YouTube Shorts and the scalability of YouTube Video Action Campaign, brands can grow their YouTube user base and lead to stronger brand loyalty from consumers. Our team found conversion efficacies when running a channel growth strategy campaign using YouTube VAC.

Conversions Efficiencies on YouTube Shorts on Video Action Campaigns for social commerce

As per writing, YouTube does not offer an option to display ads specifically for YouTube shorts. But at Google’s Marketing Live 2022 event, YouTube announced that campaigns under VAC would automatically appear on YouTube Shorts. Observing the data from a campaign set up to build a brand presence through channel followers shows that ads that possibly appeared on YouTube Shorts have attracted three out of every one hundred impressions to subscribe. In this way, building identity and awareness on the platform have seen great results using a vertical video asset. Using the result of some beta campaigns, ads on YouTube Shorts deliver 20% more views and conversions per dollar.

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Content Evolution Powers Future of Social Commerce

Brands investing in short-form video ads understand the potential growth of social commerce. Audiences of all ages continue to search online for answers and solutions before purchasing. While older generations tend to seek longer video content, younger audiences love short stories that’s why for both organic and paid content, 15 to 60-second videos are performing well for these demographics.

YouTube will continue to dominate digital screens regardless of size, length, or orientation. Consumers demand to find the most relevant video content, and the supply of extensive YouTube inventory will continue to grow and develop into new shopping behavior. All the developments happening in both paid and organic spaces are key factors in driving the growth of social commerce.

YouTube Shorts and YouTube Video Action Campaigns are just a few advertising solutions that Google offers to help marketers find the best ways to streamline consumers’ purchase paths. And with the explosive growth in digital viewership and YouTube’s massive supply intended for Connected TV, vertical ads can now also target young TV co-viewers. Now that YouTube has access to larger screens, media buyers can unlock end-to-end opportunities from product discovery to a trusted digital storefront YouTube channel. 


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