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Advertisers’ Guide To YouTube Video Action Campaign Targeting

Marketing has changed dramatically, and video content is becoming a top-of-mind advertising solution for social promotions. According to Wyzowl, by 2022, YouTube will be integral to 88% of marketer strategies. YouTube Video Action Campaign (VAC) is a great option that media buyers can explore to increase conversions.

VAC allows marketers to showcase their ads to untapped audience groups, resulting in more engagement across the marketing efforts. According to Google, the update made from TrueView for Action to Video Action Campaign has seen 20% more conversions, generating better ROAS.

The Anatomy of a YouTube Video Action Campaign

Ad formats: 

For the Video Action Campaign, YouTube responsive ads can run skippable in-stream and in-feed video ads under a single campaign.  

YouTube Video Action Campaign Ad Formats


YouTube Video Action Campaign can target the most used dialects or choose a specific language per your targeting.

Chinese (Simplified)GujaratiPolishTurkish
Chinese (Traditional)HebrewPolishUkrainian


Google Ads location targeting allows you to show your ads to people who live within the specified region or place of interest. Initiate hyper granular locations by utilizing location-targeting options. This includes:

  • Airport
  • Autonomous Community
  • Borough
  • Canton
  • City
  • City Region
  • Congressional District
  • Country
  • County
  • Department
  • District
  • Governorate
  • Municipality
  • National Park
  • Neighborhood
  • Okrug
  • Postal Code
  • Prefecture
  • Province
  • Region
  • State
  • Territory
  • TV Region
  • Union Territory
  • University

With Google Ads location targeting, you can select your target location using three methods — manual search, by radius, and bulk entry.

Your current location will appear first in these options.

YouTube Video Action Campaign Location Targeting

Individually entry of target location

Manually type the target location in the search box. You may use the dropdown bar for quicker access.

YouTube Video Action Campaign Location Targeting individual entry

Radius targeting entry

Type any location as your initial target area. The map also provides a helpful chart showing each location’s radius. You can reduce or increase the distance based on your desired areas.

YouTube Video Action Campaign Location Targeting Radius Targeting

Bulk-location entry

 You can enter and target multiple locations per line for your targeting and exclusion list. 

YouTube Video Action Campaign Location Targeting Bulk location entry

Download a copy of the latest US Google Geotargeting

Bid Strategy

In VAC campaigns, you can only choose two bid strategies as follows:

Target CPA – allows you to set the average budget allocation. 

Maximize conversions- The Google ads system automatically sets your bids to help you get the most conversions within your defined budget. 

YouTube Video Action Campaign Bid Strategy

Audience Targeting options


It includes Gender, Age, Parental Status, and Household Income

Detailed Demographics: 

It includes Parental Status, Marital Status, Education, Homeownership Status, and Employment.


Banking & Finance, Beauty & Wellness, Food & Dining, Home & Garden, Shoppers, Sports & Fitness, Technology, Travel, and many more

In-Market: Apparel & Accessories, Arts & Crafts Supplies, Autos & Vehicles, Business & Industrial Products, Computers & Peripherals, and many more.

Life Events: Business Creation, College Graduation, Home Renovation, Job Change, Marriage, New Pet, Purchasing a Home, or Retirement.

How they have interacted with your business: Similar Segments, Custom Combination segments, website visitors, YouTube users, and customer lists.

Call-To-Action Buttons

Pairing an eye-catching video and a custom call-to-action button can initiate engagement with ad viewers leading to a higher rate of conversion or lead generation. Here are the available Call-To- Action when setting up a YouTube Video Action Campaign.

  • Learn more
  • Shop now
  • Sign up
  • Buy now
  • Watch now
  • Start now
  • Book now
  • Download
  • Order now
  • Play now
  • Subscribe
  • Apply now
  • Donate now

Head to our Video Action Campaign guide to know the optimized ad details for your next YouTube VAC setup.  


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