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25x more campaigns

on YouTube with Strike Social than with spreadsheets alone

Gain a

30-70% increase

in your YouTube ad performance (based on your unique KPIs)

YouTube campaign planning

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Audience research & development

It can take days, if not weeks, for media buyers to plan their YouTube campaigns. But with Strike Social, you have a virtual assistant at your side to access years of data for a plan that works. Just tell the AI who your core audience is, then receive recommendations for niche, aspirational and prospective audiences you might not have considered.

Software planning

Hypergranular targeting for multivariate testing

Due to resource constraints, most media buyers lump their YouTube targeting into one big campaign. That makes it impossible to parse through each element to know what works and what doesn’t. The result? Limited insights without any action. Take a new approach: Let Strike Social break your campaign into hundreds of micro-campaigns for multivariate testing.

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Automated, mistake-free setup

Escape spreadsheet hell. This antiquated process of campaign setup leads to a lot of error. With Strike Social, just provide five high-level targeting topics — and your media plan will be ready to roll. The time you save can be spent managing clients and setting brand strategy.


YouTube campaign optimization


Clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why Strike Social identifies which targeting groups are performing above or below your KPIs. So if you’re targeting one group (male fashionistas, 18–24, on a tablet), but they aren’t delivering as well as another group (female sports lovers, 35–44, on a desktop), Strike Social will know which one to shut off. No time or money wasted.

In-flight improvements to bids and budget allocation

Most media teams can't monitor YouTube advertising around the clock. So they “set it and forget it,” leaving their campaigns unattended for hours on end. Strike Social, however, offers a pair of ever-watchful eyes. That means that at 3 a.m., our AI will be making changes to your budget. Then, in the morning, all you'll have to do is activate the overnight work of your digital genius.

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Optimal pacing for market dynamics

Within a 24-hour cycle, the ad market follows an S-curve related to time and delivery. That’s why Strike Social uses a Cumulative Cost Function model to pace against these factors and make the most of your ad spend. What's more, because our AI is so good at targeting, your Ad Rank will be spot on — leaving your competitors shelling out more money at all the wrong times.

"Strike Social found a challenge in the marketplace, specifically for YouTube advertising, and built an incredibly powerful platform around that market gap. They have approached the space by listening first while pairing those open ears with a product team that understands execution and scale. Our goal is to find the best self-service platform, and Strike Social is surpassing that expectation while also partnering with us to provide the best experience for our stakeholders."

Price Glomski

Price Glomski

Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy

YouTube campaign reporting

Real-time analytics dashboard

How are your YouTube campaigns performing? Just log into Strike Social's real-time dashboard to find out. You can even invite other people into the platform to see complex data distilled into actionable insights.


Automated data reports

For hassle-free post-campaign reporting, Strike Social provides raw data files that are easy to access. No fuss, no muss.

Presentation-ready insights

For ongoing snapshots of campaign performance, Strike Social delivers weekly reports right to your inbox. These beautiful graphics are worth sharing.


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