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HVAC Case Study – US Video Views Campaign on YouTube

During the US busiest shopping period of Thanksgiving week, an HVAC company set out on a mission to elevate its brand visibility and consumer engagement through a meticulously crafted media strategy. The challenge was to stand out amidst a deluge of seasonal marketing and achieve this cost-effectively in the face of fierce competition.

The campaign integrated VVC and Non-Skippable ads to cater to different audience behaviors and preferences. VVC, powered by YouTube’s AI, offered adaptability across various formats, including skippable in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts, ensuring broad reach. On the other hand, non-skippable ads guarantee that the complete narrative of the brand reaches the audience, an essential strategy for sustained message delivery.

A critical aspect of the strategy was targeting In-Market audiences, particularly sports content viewers renowned for their brand loyalty and high engagement potential. This approach underpinned the campaign’s success, facilitating a direct connection with an audience likely to resonate with the HVAC company’s message.

The campaign’s outcomes were a testament to the efficacy of the chosen strategies:

Efficiency Amidst Competition

Despite an anticipated increase in advertising costs during Thanksgiving, the campaign’s overall efficiency surged by 20%. This was attributed to the strategic device targeting, leveraging mobile phones for their interactive potential and TV screens for their expansive view rates.

Impressions and Engagement

VVC campaigns generated over 19 million impressions, with a significant 43% of views and 37% of clicks from Shorts placements, highlighting the format’s reach and engagement capability. Non-skippable campaigns boasted a 91% overall view completion rate, with Connected TVs achieving an impressive 94.66% VCR, underscoring the format’s effectiveness in maintaining viewer attention.

The HVAC company’s Q4 campaign serves as a blueprint for leveraging YouTube ad formats effectively, emphasizing the need for adaptive strategies, precise audience targeting, and comprehensive device engagement to stay ahead of the competition during the peak holiday season.

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