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HVAC Case Study – YouTube Audience Targeting for Canada Campaigns

YouTube’s massive inventory has enabled it to capture millions of viewers with different audience targeting methods for advertisers. To expand its market influence and strengthen customer engagement within Canada, an HVAC brand employed strategic audience targeting to optimize both extensive reach and engaged views. Together with granular audience targeting, the perfect balance of running YouTube Instream Non-Skippable and Video View Campaign drove both reach and views to target audiences.

This strategy involved delivering stories that resonate with local communities, such as highlighting how our HVAC solutions can withstand Toronto’s harsh winters or Vancouver’s damp climate. Recognizing the distinct pulse of each locale meant allocating budgets and targeting strategies that didn’t just speak to these communities but showed genuine attachment through our client’s well-crafted creatives.

Focusing on Custom Intent audiences, the campaign tapped into Canada’s appetite for sports, mirroring the nation’s pulse. Simultaneously, it didn’t shy away from spotlighting sustainability through Custom Affinity audiences, echoing the brands’ eco-conscious narrative.

Geo-targeting was the campaign’s compass, guiding the message to regions ripe with HVAC demand and high YouTube activity.The team did not practice a set-it-and-forget-it campaign; it was a dynamic, living strategy that evolved in real-time, maximizing efficiency and engagement at every turn.

These strategies culminated in a notable achievement: a 13% increase in CPM efficiency for Non-Skippable ads and a 40% reduction in CPV for Skippable ads, surpassing Strike’s guaranteed rates. A campaign that produced savings and strengthened the brand’s presence across Canada. Despite the smaller sports-centric audience, they accounted for half of our campaign spending but delivered equal views, demonstrating their higher engagement and value.

This strategic blend of hyper-localization, precise targeting, and real-time optimization paints a vivid picture of what’s possible when you harness the power of digital platforms like YouTube with a keen, strategic eye. Understanding your audience and their locale, leveraging technology for precision targeting, and remaining agile to harness real-time insights can transform the efficiency and impact of digital advertising.

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