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A glimpse into Facebook Ads Manager

So your advertising strategy is to take the fight to Facebook. Or maybe you’re already using Facebook ads, but are looking for a better way to navigate and manage them.

Facebook Ads Manager is a free tool available to assist you in your advertising efforts. It’s your all-in-one tool for creating ads, managing when and where they’ll be placed and tracking how well your campaigns are performing.

You can use it to create, run and tweak the specifications of your ads. Using the Ads Managerallows you to target your ads to the people you care about, set your budget, see how your ads are performing and view your billing information, payment summary and payment method information.

Are you ready to learn the essential steps to manage your campaigns through Facebook Ads Manager? Let’s jump in.

How to access the Facebook Ads Manager tool

You have a few ways of accessing the Ads Manager and they will vary according to the platform you are using.


  • Use the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner of your Facebook page and click on “manage ads”;
  • Use the direct link www.facebook.com/ads/manager.

Tip: If you have more than one account, you can select which to view when choosing the Ads Manager from the drop down menu. Heading directly to the site through the link will take you to your personal account, but you can switch accounts by using the account drop-down menu.


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Exploring Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager has four main tabs inside — your account overview, campaigns, ad sets and ads. Let’s take a look at what goes into each.



The account overview contains a summary of activity for your account. It tells you the reach of your ads as well as the amount you’ve spent on them. It also gives a breakdown of the money you’ve spent in the last seven days and any spending limits you might have set.




The “Campaigns” tab in your Ads Account Manager allows you to view and manage your campaigns. It gives you the option to create, duplicate and edit your campaign, update its name or add a spending limit. You can also view insights to see how well your campaign is performing, export or share your campaign results to Excel and customize the columns and breakdown results.




Viewing the “Ad Sets” tab gives you much of the same options as the “Campaigns” tab, but focuses on one specific ad set within a campaign. Along with everything mentioned above, it gives you the opportunity to edit your ad set and update not only the name, but also the placement, budget, scheduling and targeting.

The Ads tab allows you to focus on one single ad within an ad set and campaign. In addition to editing options and viewing performance, you can use this tab to preview your ad and see how it appears across eligible Facebook apps and services.

Selecting any of these tabs will show you the number you’ve selected and automatically filter your selections. For example, if you select the campaigns tab, you can view the number of ad sets and ads within that campaign.

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Best practices

  • Use high-quality photos only. High-quality photos should be the only images uploaded to any social media platform, business or personal.
  • Combat ad fatigue. Refresh your ad creative so viewers do not see the same ad endlessly. Rotate different ads rather than simply changing the ones you’ve already pushed.

Managing from inside the office and beyond

Now that you know all the benefits of using Facebook Ads Manager, go ahead and use the tool to improve the way you manage your Facebook campaigns.

Remember you can also download the Facebook Ads Manager app to manage your ads from home, the airport or rooftop lounge whenever you feel like it. Take advantage of the inspiration as soon as it strikes, since it doesn’t always happen in the office.


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