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Engage, Captivate, Convert: Learn About TikTok View-Through Rate

With TikTok’s dominance in the short-form video space, how can advertisers maximize the potential ad reach and high view-through rate? Our team has recently gathered audience insights revealing that TikTok has a potential ad reach of 134,482,000 in the United States alone by 2023. However, it is essential to acknowledge that this number does not include audiences under 18 due to data security regulations. Despite this limitation, the increasing number of users in the US makes TikTok an irresistible platform for advertisers.

Optimizing Campaign using TikTok View-Through Rate

Have you ever wondered if a TikTok View Through Rate (VTR) of 92.24% is a strong indicator of a successful campaign? Or perhaps, is there still room for further enhancement? As advertisers and media buyers, understanding the nuances of the VTR metric can be a campaign-changer.
The VTR is a metric that measures the percentage of viewers who watch the ads without scrolling past them. A high VTR, such as 92.24%, suggests that most TikTok users saw the ads and engaged with them. This level of engagement can be a strong indicator of a successful campaign.

This understanding can gain insights into how well the content resonates with the target audience and identify areas of improvement.

What is TikTok VTR and How Does It Affect Ad Campaigns?

Several key performance indicators (KPIs) can help evaluate the effectiveness of a TikTok ad campaign. Among these, the View Through Rate is a valuable metric that offers insights into how well video ads can capture and retain viewers’ attention.

What is Tiktok View-Through Rate?

TikTok View Through Rate (VTR) measures the percentage of viewers who watch the ads without scrolling through. To be recognized as a play, for at least a fraction of a second. This metric serves as a good indicator of how ‘sticky’ the creative assets are. In other words, are the ads effective enough to engage the target audience and prompt them to interact?

A high VTR indicates that ads are engaging and have captured target viewers’ attention. A great viewing engagement can lead to higher click-through rates, conversions, and brand awareness.

How to Calculate TikTok VTR

The View Through Rate (VTR) calculation involves determining the ad view ratio to the total number of impressions. Here’s the formula for TikTok VTR:

VTR = (number of ad views/number of impressions) x 100%

  • Ad views: If a video plays for at least one millisecond, TikTok counts it as an ad view.
  • Impressions: These represent the number of times TikTok serves an ad to viewers. Even if a user swipes through without playing the ad, TikTok counts it as an ad impression.

TikTok VTR vs. TikTok VCR: Which Metric Matters More for Ad Campaigns?

While the VTR focuses on users who have viewed the ads, the Video Completion Rate (VCR) gauges how many users completed watching them. The VCR metrics measure the percentage of users who watch a video from start to finish. Indicating the level of viewer engagement and the duration they remain interested in the content.

Take a look at the difference between TikTok VTR and VCR:

tiktok view-through rate vs tiktok video completion rate comparison

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What Can TikTok VTR Teach About Your Ad Strategy

By analyzing VTR data, media buyers can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. TikTok advertisers can use this insight to refine creative elements, messaging, video lengths, and storytelling for higher view-through rates and engagement.

Here’s why keeping a close eye on the view-through rate of TikTok ads can be pivotal:

  • Capturing viewers’ interest: A high TikTok view-through rate is a clear sign of compelling video content that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. It’s a testament to the ads’ ability to forge a strong bond with the audience, keeping them engaged and invested in the content.
  • Building brand awareness: The longer viewers watch the ads, the more likely they will remember the campaign messaging. A high VTR can lead to brand awareness and consideration, ultimately increasing sales.
  • Optimizing ad strategy: By identifying which ads have a higher VTR and which are falling short, advertisers can refine the creative elements, messaging techniques, video lengths, and storytelling approaches. Media buyers can identify the most effective combinations and allocate ad spending accordingly.

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Key Factors That Influence TikTok View Through Rate

Understanding the factors that may directly influence VTR metrics can save media buyers time and resources. Some factors can be video quality, length, and audience targeting. Advertisers can craft compelling and impactful ad experiences by creating a strategy around these elements.

Let’s breakdown down some factors that can sway the TikTok view-through rate:

Video Quality: Visually appealing, high-quality videos are more likely to capture viewer attention and hold their interest. 

Video Length: Research has shown that shorter videos have higher VTRs. Most advertisers are trying to capture the attention of an average social media user in under 1.3 seconds.

Target Audience: Tailor content-based target audience’s interests and demographics. Aligning with audience interests can increase the possibility of achieving a higher TikTok view-through rate.

How To Measure And Track TikTok VTR

To measure TikTok ad view-through rate, media buyers can make use of these various tools and methods:

TikTok Ads Manager: TikTok Ads Manager provides a comprehensive platform for managing and tracking ad campaigns on TikTok. It provides detailed analytics to monitor TikTok view-through rate and other key metrics for ad performance. TikTok Ads Manager provides real-time data, tracks VTR trends, and offers insights into ad effectiveness.

tiktok ads manager screenshot

Custom Tracking URLs: Using custom tracking URLs, media buyers can embed tracking parameters in the ad links to monitor VTR. Integrate URL tracking codes like UTM parameters to track clicks, views, and conversions from TikTok ads. Tracking URLs enables advertisers to measure VTR and assess the ad impact on driving user engagement and conversions. 

Here are some examples of UTMs:

  • yourwe bsite.com/tiktok_socialmedia_15second
  • yourwebsite.com/tiktok_social_30secondad_yourproduct

Third-Party Analytics Tools: Marketers can also use third-party analytics platforms to measure and track the TikTok ad view-through rate. These tools provide more advanced analytics capabilities, allowing marketers to dig deeper into the ad performance metrics. Third-party tools like Google Analytics track view-through rates on TikTok and other advertising channels.

Campaign Lab: With our proprietary technology, Campaign Lab goes beyond traditional planning tools. It leverages years of machine learning, audiences, and data to forecast and monitor campaign outcomes. Our team of expert media buyers has fine-tuned this comprehensive system to deliver unparalleled performance and ROI for our clients.

From Attention to Conversion: Utilizing TikTok VTR to Optimize Ad Campaigns

TikTok’s unrivaled dominance in the short-form video market presents a golden opportunity for advertisers to maximize their ad reach. It is evident that TikTok’s growth is groundbreaking and has eaten a significant portion of advertising dollars from competing giant social media platforms.

By leveraging strategic advertising techniques and capitalizing on TikTok’s expansive reach, advertisers can tap into a vast pool of potential customers and enhance their brand visibility. With its unmatched dominance and promising prospects, TikTok is a game-changing platform for advertisers seeking to maximize their ad exposure and achieve optimal results.


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