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10 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2024

The landscape of social media marketing continues to transform the online presence of any business with dynamic and innovative trends. Nowadays, businesses are generating more leads from social media marketing than content marketing and other marketing techniques. So, it’s really important to understand the social media marketing trends.

In this blog, we will explore the top 10 social media marketing trends that will dominate over other marketing trends in 2024. These trends range from the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence to talking about the importance of micro-communities. These trends highlight the industry’s move towards more personalized and immersive approaches.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends

Understanding and leveraging below social media marketing trends will be pivotal for marketers looking to stay ahead in the highly competitive and ever-evolving world of social media. We have also discussed how each trend can be used effectively for business growth.

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Using AI for enhanced user experiences

In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing social media marketing by offering invaluable personalization. AI algorithms analyze user data to deliver content that aligns perfectly with individual preferences and behaviors. This level of customization not only enhances user engagement but also boosts the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

According to a 2023 survey conducted by HubSpot, the findings reveal that marketers predominantly employ AI for the following purposes:

  • 33% for generating ideas and finding inspiration,
  • 28% utilize AI in the writing process for creating compelling copy,
  • 26% leverage AI for crafting marketing images,
  • 25% rely on AI to condense texts into essential key points, and
  • 23% make use of AI for translating marketing content into various languages

Brands utilizing AI can expect to see significant increase in user interaction as their content becomes more relevant and appealing to each unique audience member. Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are the best examples of using AI to personalize the user experience by showing relevant content according to the user’s past history and interests.

Video content dominance

Short-form videos stand out as the most captivating content on social media, according to 66% of consumers. Furthermore, these videos are 48% more likely to be viewed compared to content on other platforms. In addition, 62% of businesses incorporate videos as a key element of their marketing approach. These engaging videos are perfect for capturing the attention of an audience and offering more information in a short time.

Use different types of content to engage your audience in a variety of ways. With that in mind, do not only focus on captions; incorporate diverse formats such as videos using advanced video editor software, transcribe audio to text for accessibility, and AI avatar to interact dynamically. Utilize reels, audio content, polls, quizzes, and other engaging elements to create a compelling video advertisement that can surely capture audiences.

Social commerce expansion

Social commerce is transforming social media into a vibrant marketplace. Social media platforms like Facebook are upgrading to integrate shopping features seamlessly, allowing users to make purchases without leaving the app. This trend is creating a more streamlined shopping experience, where discovery and purchase are part of a single journey.

47% of social media marketers report that their brands engage in direct selling through social media apps, highlighting the growing trend of social commerce. Looking ahead to 2024, social commerce will become a marketing trend for brands to meet the evolving shopping habits of their consumers.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Brands are finding great value in content created by their own customers. This method is known as user-generated content (UGC). This approach involves encouraging customers to share their own experiences with a brand’s product or service. This kind of content is incredibly effective because it’s genuine and relatable as real people showcasing how they use and enjoy the products in their everyday lives. Interestingly, visitors engaging with UGC exhibit a conversion rate that surpasses the average by 102.4%.

When brands share their content on their social media channels, it not only adds authenticity to their marketing. When a customer shares their reviews, they feel valued and part of the brand’s story, leading to increased loyalty and trust.

Augmented Reality: Creating immersive experiences

Augmented Reality (AR) is revolutionizing social media marketing by offering engaging and interactive experiences. Brands are using this innovation for virtual try-on, interactive ads, and engaging content that captivates the imagination of the audience.

AR not only enhances user engagement, but also provides a unique way for brands to showcase their products and services. It will be a key tool for creating impactful marketing experiences that stand out in a competitive market.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization has become an important trend in digital marketing in 2024. It can be easily found and understood by voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. People use this feature for internet searches and optimizing content for voice searches.

This trend is about understanding how people speak when they use voice search. This is often different from typing. It uses natural language, long-tail keywords, and question-based phrases in content.

Strategic influencer partnerships

Influencer marketing continues to evolve, with a significant shift towards more strategic and meaningful collaborations. Brands are partnering with influencers whose values and audience align closely with their own products and services. This approach allows businesses to check the credibility of influencers and reach them. They also ensure that the content is authentic and attracts the target audience.

In 2024, successful influencer marketing is about finding the right fit and building relationships that add value to both the brand and the influencer’s audience.

Live streaming and interactive experiences

Live streaming is changing the way brands interact with their audience. It offers a real-time and interactive experience that traditional social media platforms are not offering.

Brands use live streams to show off new products, answer questions, or take their audience behind the scenes. This way, people feel part of a community and get to know the brand better. Live streaming is great for keeping audiences interested and building stronger connections because it’s exciting and feels more personal.

Prioritizing data privacy and security

In a world where data privacy is a major concern, it is necessary for brands to prioritize transparency and security in their social media marketing. Consumers are more concerned about their digital presence and expect brands to respect their privacy.

Brands must strike a balance between personalized marketing and data safety to gain the trust and loyalty of their users. Data security is a key factor in building and maintaining a positive brand reputation.

Micro and nano influencers

In 2024, more businesses will be partnering with micro and nano influencers on social media. These influencers are not celebrities but everyday people who have a smaller yet highly engaged group of followers. Micro-influencers usually have followers in the thousands, while nano-influencers have even fewer. According to HubSpot’s 2023 Social Media Marketing Report, 80% of marketers are collaborating with smaller creators and influencers boasting under 100k followers. In contrast, 16% are engaged in partnerships with celebrities who have follower counts exceeding 1 million.

What makes them special is that their followers really trust their opinions and recommendations, almost like advice from a friend. Businesses collaborate with these influencers because they can reach specific groups of people in a more personal and authentic way. This approach often leads to better results for brands, as these smaller influencers have a strong connection with their audience, making their endorsements more genuine and effective.


In this blog, we have discussed the top 10 social media marketing trends to follow in 2024. These trends are the key to growing your business faster. Generally, the use of AI is increasing with social media for the best user experience. Also, strategic partnerships with influencers are becoming important to promote products on social media.

Video content, live streaming, and augmented reality provide interactive and engaging experiences, while user-generated content and authentic influencer partnerships build trust and community. Furthermore, with the growing importance of voice search optimization, data privacy, and sustainability, businesses must adapt to stay relevant.  

This article is written by Jigar Agrawal, Digital Marketing Manager at eSparkBiz. He is passionate about anything related to Digital Marketing. He wants to unlock the world of technology and Social Media where every day there is a chance of new possibility as well as innovation.

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