Elevate Organic Growth with TikTok Spark Ad Strike Social

Elevate Organic Growth with TikTok Spark Ad

TikTok is an extremely well-curated platform attracting younger generations to spend hours watching vertical videos. Since the lockdown, the popularity of the platform has been steadily rising. With trending videos and hashtag challenges started with the native platform and eventually went out to different socials, it fuels TikTok’s monthly active users’ growth to one billion

Elevate Organic Growth with TikTok Spark Ad

TikTok’s success has been evident for American social app users. Based on Statista’s report, the popular short-short form social app has seen a 107% growth in U.S. users from 2019 – 2021. In comparison, Facebook saw a 4% increase during the same period. TikTok users may not be as massive as the more established socials, but the spurt of TikTok users can be translated to brands, creators, and communities actively engaging in the app.

With over 130 million active TikTok users in the United States, how can brands amplify their ad campaign to increase their TikTok influence and keep up with its ever-growing users? Marketers should turn into TikTok Advertising.

TikTok Spark Ads: Elevate Organic Growth  

With more and more businesses seeing value in the TikTok community and creators, the growing video app produces unique advertising formats for brands to utilize.

One of the newest additions to the TikTok list of ad formats is Spark Ads. Like other social advertising platforms’ “Sponsored Ad,” advertisers can maximize an existing organic post through paid ads. However, one distinct feature of TikTok advertising is that it allows marketers to access influencers’ User-Generated Content. Through authentic advertising via creators’ assets, brands have succeeded in growing followers, increasing genuine engagement, and converting sales. 

TikTok offers two ad formats, TikTok Promote and TikTok Spark Ads, that focus on increasing followers, website visits, and video views. So what’s the difference between the two campaigns? 

Who should use TikTok Promote? 

  • Boost existing video assets. Users and creators who wanted to boost their existing public video. Music should be original or allowed to be used for commercial purposes.
  • Accessibility to analytics. Users and creators can access TikTok Promote through mobile devices. They can also access different ad results such as:
    • age and gender of engaged audiences
    • video ad responses: video views, likes, comments, and shares
    • Number of website visits 
  • Available objectives. Increase video views, grow followers, and more website visits. 
  • Perfect for creators. Account users must be 18 years old and above. It must also agree to different TikTok’s ad terms and policies.  

Who should use TikTok Spark Ads? 

  • Boost existing video and related User-Generated (UGC) assets. Advertisers can boost their existing posts or organic content produced by other creators. Influencers can authorize brands to use their content via TikTok Ads Manager.
  • Accessibility to analytics. TikTok Spark Ads has in-depth analytics with ads reporting compared to TikTok Promote. 
  • Available objectives. Campaigns with the objective for Reach, Video View, Engagement (beta), Traffic, Conversion, and App Install can be accessed through auction ads. While Frequency (beta) and Reach are accessible through TikTok Reservation Ads. TikTok Spark Ads offers a more extensive audience targeting and ad controls. 
  • Perfect for brands and businesses. Marketers can magnify the success of an organic post through paid ads. The ad campaign connects them with the existing engaged users and targeted audience.  

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Bring the “Spark” to your next ad campaign

Elevate Organic Growth with TikTok Spark Ad

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According to our data, most of our partnered advertisers use TikTok for impression campaigns to reach and deliver ad messages to younger age groups as these users spend more time on TikTok vs. other social platforms. With 47% of active TikTok U.S. users, a combined age group of 10-29 years old, advertisers can now engage with this young and dynamic group of audiences.

TikTok also reported that Spark Ads via Auction had produced a 30% increase in Video Play Over Rate and a 170% increase in engagement vs. Non-Spark ads. 

Overall, the native content in the platforms creates a positive emotion to app users; dancing with a friend, family members participating in hashtag challenges, or recreating viral and entertaining events. The emotion that these User-Generated Contents create a positive impact on TikTok ads. 56% of users said they feel more optimistic about brands they have seen on the platform. 

Businesses should capitalize on the different TikTok ad formats and allow the audiences to discover a more authentic part of their brand. In return, users will stay engaged and increase the digital footprint in the platform.


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