TikTok Consideration Objectives Fuels Consumers Intent to Purchase

TikTok Consideration Objectives: Fuels Consumers’ Intent to Purchase

Consumers are more informed than ever, thanks to the wealth of online resources condensed into :15 to :60 seconds content videos. These short-form videos are more than just entertaining but become more informative as fellow TikTok community members use more relatable language than top endorsers. While for the indecisive consumers searching on social media before committing to a purchase, TikTok consideration objectives allow media buyers to scale their video ads and provide audiences with the knowledge they need.

TikTok Unique Path to Purchase Consumer Journey

After consumers recognize their problems and want, these audiences take the next step and discover which products and services meet their needs. According to the Marketing Science Global Retail Path to Purchase Study, 35% of TikTok users learned something new on the platform, and 29% were inspired while watching hundreds of short-form videos on their FYP feed. 

Consumers do not simply take action and give their hard-earned money; the path to purchase begins with customers assessing their needs and discovering the right products that fulfill them. TikTok’s advertising solutions help brands reach potential audiences during their consideration stage.

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What KPIs are available for TikTok Consideration Objective?

To stay connected with your target market, do you plan to increase video views of trending content, grow your followers and build your community, stay on top of search results and hashtags, or showcase your products and attract future customers?

Marketers should always align their desired advertising solutions with marketing goals when choosing campaign objectives that drive purchase decisions. Below is a table of the current ad formats, optimizations, and measurements available for the TikTok Consideration objective.

Objective FormatOptimizationMeasurement
ConsiderationBrand Auction or Reach and Video ReachCPM
Viewability (TBA)
Spark Ads (Auction)
Non-Spark Ads (Auction)
Viewability (TBA)
Brandlift (TBA)
Search & Site Traffic (TBA)

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TikTok Tools Available for Advertisers Suited for Consideration Campaigns

Leveraging your campaign to step up your marketing strategy is made easy with various tools available to advertisers. By understanding each feature, media buyers can craft an effective mix of strategies to reach consumers at every stage of the buying process.

These are the tools advertisers can use to develop successful ad campaigns.

  1. TikTok Search Result Page – TikTok is beefing up its post descriptions to 2,200 characters—a 600% increase over the previous limit. It will allow brands to target their audience more effectively using relevant hashtags and contextual targeting, making TikTok a viable marketing platform for companies in many industries, including Pharma and Financial institutions.
  2. TikTok Q&A – Advertisers can respond to comments with video Q&As, boosting community interactions and engagement.
  3. TikTok Live – When a brand has at least 1,000 followers, it can begin engaging directly with them.
  4. Community Interaction Objective – Expand the brand’s reach and account followers through highly-engaging UGC setup through TikTok Spark ads. 
  5. Look-A-Like Audience – Achieve campaign efficiency by attracting new consumers who are most likely to share a similar interest in your brand. 

The TikTok community allows users to share engaging and educational content and connect. On average, 59% of users feel a sense of community while using the app. Users can consume live streams on the app, which 62% of viewers do daily. More than 1 in 3 viewers consider TikTok their go-to platform for connecting to brands.

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Why Running A Paid Advertising Campaign Is Important In The Consideration Stage?

Elevate Campaign Engagement, supplement by Always-On TikTok consideration

Consumers move into the next phase in their buyers’ journey from being problem aware to finding the best available solution. Shoppers are more likely to be ready to buy but will spend more time searching and discovering several options. Brand presence during this stage is critical as advertisers should position their products on top of consumers’ minds.

According to research, 75% of consumers mentioned that TikTok had influenced their buying decisions. Despite seeing a higher possibility of shaping consumers’ choices, it is known to marketers that competing for an audience with high intent to purchase is challenging.

The best way to build a connection with potential customers is to create relatable and engaging organic and paid content. Running an always-on advertising campaign can increase brand discovery and attract new audiences seeking solutions. At the same time, native content can help nurture potential customers by providing information that will increase their intent to purchase. 

Here are the three key elements in staying dynamic and connected to the target audience – supercharging ads, generating organic content, and testing and learning how to maximize the use of marketing tools in achieving goals while maximizing ad dollars. 

Strike Social Data Speaks About TikTok Community Interaction Campaign’s Success

Converting Casual TikTok Viewers to Engaged Audiences Community Interaction Objective

By now, TikTok Ads have tickled the minds of media buyers, and they have decided to move a portion of advertising bills or create more focused campaigns specifically for the platform. For brands establishing a presence, TikTok’s Community Interaction Objectives are giving advertisers account growth and a boost in followers. Above is consolidated May to August data from campaigns set up to increase followers using TikTok Cost Per View (CPV) as the primary KPI.

The chart shows that the CPV movement affects the number of newly acquired followers. CPV trends may follow the week-on-week fluctuations in ad spending, but with the proper campaign setup and targeting, TikTok ads helped convert app video viewers into followers. Not only did the team observe a sharp increase in new followers, but ad results also came with a spike in likes and ad actions. Prioritizing the connection to the community has seen great results in proceeding to the conversion stage.

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TikTok Helps Brands Reach Receptive, Responsive Audiences

TikTok’s vibrant community constantly brews new content, making it ideal for brands looking to drive engagement closer to the point of purchase. TikTok’s ad formats and objectives allow media buyers to tap into these contents and look for audiences through paid promotions or platform searches.

Content authenticity on the app will continue to enable marketers to influence shoppers’ decisions before committing to a brand. With millions of hyper-engaging content and trends coming out daily, TikTok’s advertising solutions and inventory will continue to grow as the platform focuses on the success of combining entertainment and commerce. 


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