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Summer Advertising Trends and Insights for Marketers

Revenge Travel is about finding new experiences and bringing back the fun in summer.

US consumers are finding new experiences after spending more time indoors since the start of the pandemic, even if it’s costly to travel exceeding the budget. Our 2022 Summer Advertising Trends and Insights should help media buyers reach out to travelers.

Campaign efficiencies mean understanding market sentiment, the right audience, and consumer behavior on the platform. On a recent survey, even for a contracting pocket, 53% said that they are not cutting down their travel budget. In addition, three out of four Americans are pushing through with their summer plans, either short road trips or long flights. 

Now that we know travelers are active and willing to spend let’s look at summer advertising trends and insights to help marketers plan their campaigns. 

1) Millennials: The Key To US Travel Industry Recovery

Not minding the rise of consumer prices, Gen Z and Millenials continue to charge their spending using their credit cards. An online report shows that 35% of millennials prefer to stay in luxury hotels when traveling. Teens to young professionals are more willing to spend a few dollars to experience new things. 

2) More Fun Summer Trends and Challenges on TikTok

TikTok’s user growth has been massive, with a 180% boost in audiences between the age of 15-25. Media buyers can scale advertising messages to TikTok users with more eyes on the platform. Based on Strike Social 1H 2022 data, comparing campaigns optimized to reach more impressions, TikTok delivered the lowest CPM. In addition, TikTok leads the highest Impression vs. Cost ratio, followed by Instagram. 

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3) Instagram Reels Is The New Vibe

90% of Gen Z travelers have decided on their next summer destination or travel decisions based on what they have seen on Social Media. As these travelers share their experiences via Instagram Reels, engagement and attention to these short-form images will rise. Strike Social data shows that ad placement on IG reels costs 10-20% lower than on feed placements.

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