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The ultimate guide to how Snapchat advertising works

With Strike Social being a Certified Snapchat Partner, we thought we could shed some light on all things Snapchat advertising. We put together a guide that takes you through every aspect of how Snapchat advertising works, from who uses it to setting up your account to the types of ads available, so you can have all the information you need in one place.

Why Snapchat advertising?

Snapchat has a playful demeanor surrounding its platform. It keeps things light and upbeat with users which gives you an opportunity to engage with them in unique ways by creating ads that are fun and enticing. And with 173 million daily active users globally, there’s no shortage of audience to see your ads.

Snapchat also provides a self-serve ad management platform so that you no longer have to go through the Snapchat sales team to run your campaign. With Snapchat Ad Manager, you can choose a goal-based bidding option for your ads such as swipe ups, app installs or impressions.

Why would you not want to take part in this fun advertising platform?

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Learn to advertise on Snapchat

Download our free e-book now to have access to:

  • A guide to the terms to know when advertising through Snapchat.
  • Details on the different ad types available and when to use each of them.
  • A how-to on setting up your account and campaign through the self-serve ad management platform from Snapchat.
  • Creative tips, insights and best practices when it comes to creating and running your ad campaign on Snapchat.

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