How to choose an AI software for advertising

Looking for an AI software to help with your paid social? Make sure you find the right one for your needs.

As more and more advertisers express the need for solutions to maximize their ad spend and reach their ideal customers, many are turning to AI software built to do just that.

In fact, scientists predicted that 62 percent of companies would be using AI technologies by this year, and that prediction held true.

Advertisers look for software powered by artificial intelligence because they get efficient results for their budgets, see accelerated sales and even discover high-performing audiences that they may have otherwise overlooked. But choosing an AI software isn’t always easy, as each one has a variety of features to consider.

When looking for an AI software of advertising, here are the key things you should ask yourself.

Is it built by engineers who know the industry?

Better yet, is it built by engineers who are in the advertising industry? This is the first question you should be asking yourself. These are experts in their field. They know what problems advertisers and marketers face and what it takes to solve them.

Data scientists and engineers with knowledge in digital advertising are the most likely to create a product that produces effective results. These experts will be able to develop hypergranular targeting methods and test audiences for the best campaign outcomes.

Does it offer clear, transparent reporting?

Picture this: you’re using an AI software you chose for your advertising needs, and in the middle of a campaign, you realize that it’s not performing well against your campaign goals. If that happens, you should be able to understand why your campaign isn’t performing.

Look for a software with a real-time dashboard that offers transparent reports and analytics. There should also be a team ready to walk through reports with you, as needed.

Is the advertising software brand safe?

With brand safety concerns on the minds of advertisers, having a software that guarantees brand safety is now a priority. The software should be able to whitelist and detect poor channels and topics to prevent ads from running alongside them.

When brand safety is ignored, it can be detrimental to the brand as a whole and cause major PR headaches.

Does the software have proven success?

Of course, you want to look for an advertising software that has a proven track record for delivering results. Before signing on with an advertising software, ask for case studies or customer success stories that demonstrate the power behind it.

Without that kind of material, it’s almost like going in blind and choosing a software without research that backs its claims.

Does it offer reliable support?

You’ll want to look for a software that has reliable customer support, as well. Especially in the advertising industry, you want a program that is not only reliable but one with a team behind it that is readily available to troubleshoot and catch things on the fly.

If the software is self-serve, you’ll definitely want to look for industry experts that are behind the platform available to answer any support questions as soon as possible.

Does it do what it says it will do?

An AI software for advertising should be just that: a technology-based solution that uses artificial intelligence to get advertisers efficient results.

To understand how it works and if it truly provides the results you’re looking for, ask for a trial. Most software comes with trials to help advertisers gauge if the solution fits their needs.

A few other things you might consider:

A major drawback for advertisers is the potential for mistakes when setting up campaigns. Consider a mistake-free solution that eliminates the potential for oversights.

Lastly, look for an AI software that can detect when it’s appropriate to shift budgets and optimize campaigns as needed. If a campaign simply isn’t performing against your KPIs, the software should be able to detect and optimize on the fly at any hour.

There you have it. Before selecting an AI software for your advertising needs, be sure to ask yourself these necessary questions and conduct proper research to find the right software for you.


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