AI Driven Solution to Social Commerce Meta Advantage Catalog Ads

AI-Driven Solution to Social Commerce: Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads

With the hype around AI and marketing automation, Meta ensured that they are not a step behind with these technological advertising advancements. Facebook launched its Meta Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns in Q3 2022, one year after the release of Google’s “black box” Performance Max Campaign. This new social commerce advertising solution combines machine learning and predictive analytics, allowing Facebook to discover optimal targeting, placements, and demographics for maximum impact and ROI. Part of the new Meta ad solution is the Meta Advantage+ Catalog ads.

Facebook’s machine learning algorithms enable highly targeted campaigns to reach the most valuable audiences and drive online sales. According to Facebook, this innovative approach has been proven highly effective. Brands using the platform have been shown to experience up to 80% more return on ad spend than a traditional campaign.

Leveraging Machine Learning for E-commerce Success: The Power of Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads

Leveraging Machine Learning for Social Commerce Success

  1. Benefits of Using Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads
  2. Setting up Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads
  3. Five Easy Steps to Advertise Product Set from Facebook Commerce Manager
  4. Improve Product Recommendation with Best Practices
  5. Drive Sales with Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads

Benefits of Using Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads

Advantage+ catalog ads are cost-effective for advertisers with an extensive product inventory to promote. It eliminates the need to create individual ads for each item, as a catalog of all offerings can be developed instead. This allows for personalized recommendations from Meta’s machine learning to be made to potential customers with the convenience of setting up only one campaign.

Advantage+ catalog ads provide automatic adjustment, such as creative or placements, for products that customers express interest in. Once a customer shows engagement in a product from your catalog, Meta generates an advertisement that will highly attract consumers. This feature helps drive sales for your business, making it a valuable tool to incorporate into your advertising strategy.

  1. Personalization: Say goodbye to generic ads that don’t connect with your target audience. Advantage+ Catalog ads automatically deliver personalized creative to consumers based on their behaviors and interests.
  2. Always On: With automated campaigns, you won’t have to monitor and adjust individual ads constantly. Advantage+ catalog ads continuously optimize and promote your items, ensuring your products stay in front of potential customers.
  3. Retargeting: Don’t let potential sales slip away! Retarget website or mobile app shoppers who viewed but didn’t buy, and remind them of what they’re missing out on.
  4. Find New Shoppers: Broad audience targeting allows you to reach new people interested in your products or similar items, even if they haven’t visited your website or app yet.
  5. Organic Reconsideration: Want to increase your catalog’s visibility? Product details from your ad campaign may appear in organic reconsideration experiences, encouraging people to revisit your catalog and check out their digital carts.

Setting up Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads

Follow these steps to set up a Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ad and start seeing results.

1.   Prepare your Product Data:

  • Before setting up your Advantage+ Catalog Ads, ensure your product data is organized and up-to-date. This includes product images, descriptions, and pricing information.

2. Create Your Catalog Ads

a.  Log in to Ads Manager account > Create

b. Choose Sales as your campaign objective > Continue

Optional: Choose Engagement, Leads, and App Promotion and set up your ad tracking using Meta Pixel. Download the guide here.

AI-Driven Solution to Social Commerce: Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads Choose campaign objective

Note: Choosing the sales objective automatically lets you create advantage+ catalog ads. 

c.  Toggle the Catalog button on > Choose the Product Catalog you want to use.

AI-Driven Solution to Social Commerce: Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads  - Campaign Details

d.  Optional: Choose the Advantage campaign budget (formerly known as Campaign Budget Optimization) to use AI in distributing your ad budget in real time to ad sets with the best opportunities throughout your campaign.

AI-Driven Solution to Social Commerce: Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads - Advantage Campaign Budget +

e.  Create the Ad Set > Choose the Product Set you want to advertise. Take Note: To see dynamic audience options, select a catalog. Audience targeting is based on activity from your pixel.

f.  Choose between Broad audience targeting (shows your ad to audiences who have shown interest in the type of products you’re selling) and Retargeting existing customers (retargeting your reach customers that show interest in your products and complete their purchase).

g.  Choose Advantage+ Placements (formerly Automatic Placements) to maximize your ad’s performance by finding the most effective placement for a given ad.

AI-Driven Solution to Social Commerce: Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads  - placements

Take note: ​​Advantage/Advantage+ is an automated advertising product, so some settings are preset. To see them, click here. If you want to change your campaign settings, switch to manual mode and customize them.

h.  You can manually enter the following details for the following settings:

  • Ad Creative (Headline
  • Pixel for purchase events
  • Optional: You can use Advantage Detailed Targeting to broaden your audience beyond what you selected.
AI-Driven Solution to Social Commerce: Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads - Accounts Center

i. Choose Advantage+ Creative to tailor your ads based on a person’s interests automatically.

j.  Optional: Choose Advantage Catalog Video for automated video generation for your catalog.

k.  By default, details such as Primary Text, Headline, and Description are automatically created based on your chosen product set. Take Note: You can still manually add your preferred details.

l.  Optional: Choose Advantage Destination to let the platform choose which destination has most likely to convert.

m.  Review your campaign and Hit Publish once you’re done with the setup

Note: You can set up ad tracking with Meta Pixel. Download the CSV guide here

Five Easy Steps to Advertise Product Set from Facebook Commerce Manager

To create a new set:

1.   Go to Commerce Manager > Catalog > Sets

2.   Create set > Choose between Use Filters (Add all applicable items to your set by using filters) or Manually select items (Add items to your set one by one, or all at once)

3.   Create Set Name > Fill out the details

5 Easy Steps to Advertise Product Set from Facebook Commerce Manager - Catalog Set

4.   Select Advertise Set

5.   Fill out the details > Promote Now

Improve Product Recommendation with Best Practices

If advertisers want their catalog ads to perform well, they must ensure that product recommendations are relevant and accurate. Here are some best practices to consider:

  • Ensure your Meta Pixel and catalog are error-free, as incorrect setup or product errors can lead to irrelevant recommendations.
  • Keep your catalog up-to-date by removing out-of-stock products to ensure that your ads showcase only available items.
  • Use an extensive product set to allow the platform to select the most suitable products from a wider pool of options for your audience. Products outside the selected set won’t be included in the recommendations.
  • Optimize your ads based on purchase and registration events rather than viewing content or adding to a cart to achieve better performance, as product recommendations are optimized based on your specific goal.

Drive Sales with Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads

Artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions make it easy for advertisers to streamline their ad creation process. Meta Advantage+ Catalog ad is at the forefront, enabling advertisers to create a single campaign with personalized recommendations for each item. This eliminates creating individual ads for each product, as automation works for you!

The rise of AI-powered advertising solutions, such as Advantage+ catalog ads, transforms how advertisers approach their campaigns. These solutions deliver maximum results at a fraction of the cost and effort by simplifying ad creation and providing more targeted and efficient movements.


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