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YouTube Makes Ads on Connected TV More Shoppable

The era has come where consumers can shop while streaming without missing their favorite online video program. With YouTube Shoppable Ads, brands have access to create a seamless consumer purchase journey despite having multiple e-commerce channels and CTV setbacks. 

So how does the new YouTube Shoppable Ads work? As mentioned in Google’s Blog, when a viewer sees action ads, they would be invited through a URL at the bottom of their screen to continue shopping on the brand’s website from their desktop or mobile device — with no viewing interruption. 

According to Romana Pawar, the Director of Product Management – YouTube Ads, they have seen over 90% of conversions coming from Video action campaigns for CTV that are not reachable on mobile and desktop devices.

With 108 million household users and 4.6% expected growth in the next three years, Connected TV is on the verge of overtaking its predecessor. Despite the swing, big screen co-viewing is still a popular communal family activity, and it’s just getting better. With Google Ads being more shoppable on CTV, advertisers have the opportunity to generate more sales, convert leads and open their digital storefront for a unique shopping experience. 

Trueview for Action Transitioning to Video Action Campaigns 

What exactly are TrueView Ads? These are standard video ads on YouTube where advertisers only pay when the audience has engaged or watched most of your video ads. One strong point of the TrueView campaign is its effectiveness in increasing awareness to highly interested audiences only. In addition, the TrueView Optimization Playbook has shown the positive effect of giving consumers the power to skip the ads, resulting in 75% more engagements.

Video Action Campaigns offer more scalability and ad effectiveness. With this upgrade, advertisers will be able to leverage their campaigns on more engaging platforms. As a result, ad campaigns will be more cost-effective and help drive more conversion in a single automated campaign. The Video Action Campaign will be released by early 2022 and will automatically upgrade all running TrueView for action campaigns. 

Here are some of the benefits that await marketers:

  • Enhance ad conversions:  By having a new set of active eyes set on Connected TV, YouTube can help drive more online sales, lead conversion, and optimize effectively, giving brands a cost-efficient advertising platform.
  • Accessibility to high-quality inventories: YouTube offers a list of proven and traffic-generating inventories such as Youtube Home Feeds, Watch Pages, and more.
  • Scale through cross-device advertising: Advertisers can manage an ad on one roof without worrying about setting bids and budgets for different inventory sources.

Learn more about Google’s announcements, ad format upgrades, and things to do before transitioning to the Video Action Campaign.  

Lights. Camera. Action. Advertise.

Google is transforming YouTube into one of the primary tools for companies developing their direct-to-consumer business model. Brands have been using this video platform in many forms: sharing product knowledge, teaching new skills, connecting with the target audience, and increasing brand value.  Based on research, 70% of viewers’ buying behavior was affected when seeing brands on YouTube. The giant tech company knows how to utilize its supply and keeps a foothold in its dominance versus other video advertising platforms.

Our partners with ads setup using Video Action Campaigns saw weekly growth last September, leading to a 140% increase on MoM comparison. At the same time, it ranks second best, next to mobile, as it outperforms tablet conversion by 46% higher. 

In a nutshell, YouTube Shoppable Ads is a revolutionary update from Google for brands to incorporate YouTube action ads and shopping functionality in a single campaign. It’s specifically designed to be viewed on connected CTV and enhance consumers’ journey in online purchases.

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