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How AI can improve your paid social by 25%

Artificial intelligence is becoming a critical element in advertising — and rightly so. At Strike Social, we harness the power of AI to outperform industry averages on view rate and CPV by 25% while reducing campaign execution time by 75%.

So how have we achieved these results exactly — and what can that mean for you? Here are four key ways that our AI will help you get a better return on ad spend.

1 – AI will improve and expand your audience targeting

Most ad networks give you a ton of demographic data. But that only scratches the surface of your potential audience. Using AI, Strike generates a Similarity Score that offers:

  • Enhanced targeting plans by identifying the best possible interests, keywords and custom affinities.
  • Forms relationships between seemingly unrelated targeting affinities. For example, pet lovers are also highly likely to be news junkies and avid readers.

Let’s say your company sells a widget that lets people feed their cats while they’re away. Your typical targeting plan would likely include people with an interest in pets, traveling, some pet-related brands and maybe even jobs that indicate frequent traveling.

Strike will take all these factors and look for more relationships that define your target audience. Perhaps those pet owners like a specific website, or maybe they’re of a certain age. Because the possibilities are endless, no human or spreadsheet could ever effectively identify these relationships. AI, on the other hand, spots nuanced patterns at scale.

2 – AI will better allocate your ad budget

Not all target groups are equal. That’s why you need to allocate your budget differently. Strike’s AI achieves that by breaking up any campaign request into hundreds of micro-campaigns for the purpose of multivariate testing. These micro-campaigns can be built around factors such as:

  • Targeting type (interest, keyword, in-market, custom affinity)
  • Target audience
  • Creative type (bumper ad, 15-second ad)
  • Creative sets
  • Device
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Parent status

By weighing historical campaign data, KPI goals, budget and other factors, Strike’s AI recommends how to allocate your budget among all these different targeting groups.

3 – AI will optimize your campaigns in real time

Once your campaign is in flight, Strike’s AI will measure the performance of all the different micro-campaigns we’ve set up against your KPIs. If any micro-campaign is under-performing, we kill it. But when certain campaigns are performing particularly well, we shift your ad dollars accordingly. The result is the best price and performance.

4 – AI will make smarter recommendations for the future

Through Strike’s data driven campaign setup, management and reporting, massive amounts of information is collected and analyzed. We use all this data to get smarter over time, making better recommendations for the future.



Some of the targeting insights we gain each time we run a campaign include:

  • Affinity audiences (think about the pet owner example above)
  • Ideal target audience based on likelihood to meet KPIs
  • Ideal target audience based on content/creative
  • Budget constraints
  • Target CPV

That’s how we are able to predict CPV and VR based on your budget.

AI in advertising gives you the edge

Predictive performance, decreased costs and improved performance will give you a higher ROI on your social ad spend. See 25% better performanceand 75% reduction in execution time. This will empower your team to focus less on the more tedious aspects of campaign management — and more on big-picture strategy.


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