Snapchat glossary: key terms every advertiser needs to know

Getting started with Snapchat advertising? Make sure to know these key Snapchat terms and definitions.

Snapchat advertising is a whole lot easier when you understand the language behind it. You might be asking yourself, What is an eCPSU? And what is considered a “Top Snap?” So many questions, so little time – which is why we’ve outlined the key terms every Snapchat advertiser should have up their sleeve in this easy-to-digest Snapchat glossary.

The definitive Snapchat glossary for advertisers

App installs: An attachment to a snap ad that allows users to download an app directly from the Apple Store or Google Play Store with a swipe up and a tap from a snap ad. The app is installed in the background so users don’t have to exit Snapchat.

Attachment: A tool that allows advertisers to link a snap ad to a website, an app install, a long-form video or a webpage piece, encouraging users to swipe up to access the content.

Average attachment screen time: The average number of seconds spent watching your attachment across all impressions.

Average screen time: The number of seconds spent watching your ad across all impressions.

Completions: The number of snaps watched to 97 percent of duration.

Discover page: A page available to all users that is full of content from publishers.

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eCPI (effective cost per install): The average cost per each app install.

eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions): The average cost per 1,000 impressions.

eCPSU (effective cost per swipe up): The average cost per each swipe up.

eCPV (effective cost per video view): The average cost per qualified video view.

Geofilters: A filter applied to the users’ photo or video when in a designated location or on a designated day to represent where they are, what they’re doing, a national holiday or a special event.

Goal-based bidding: A bidding option based on what type of action you want to receive on your ad — swipe ups, app installs or impressions.

Impressions: The total number of times your ad was served.

Install rate: The average number of installs per swipe, shown as a percentage.

Installs: The number of times your app was installed.

Long-form video: An attachment to snap ads that allows viewers to see any form of video such as trailers, short-films and how-to videos.

Reach: The unique number of snapchatters who saw your filter directly or through a friend’s story or snap.

Snaps: Photos and videos created by Snapchat users.

Snap ads: A native form of Snapchat advertising which follows the same full-screen format of snaps.

Snapchat Ad Manager: An online software that allows advertisers to fully manage their advertising campaigns on Snapchat.

Snapchatters: A term referring to the users of Snapchat.

Spend: The total amount spent on your campaign to date.

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Sponsored lenses: An interactive form of Snapchat advertising in which the ad uses facial recognition technology to activate hidden features of the lenses, such as having a drink poured on the user or having a mask applied to their face. Activation cues can be things such as having users raise their eyebrows, blow a kiss, open their mouths or smile.

Stories: Photos or videos native to the Snapchat format that users can post to their profile for up to 24 hours. They can be viewed by the user’s friends, anyone that has the viewer’s username or a custom list of people.

Swipes: The number of times snapchatters view your filter directly on their snap when swiping left or right after taking a photo or video.

Swipe time: The average amount of time a user spent playing with your filter.

Swipe ups: The total number of times snapchatters swiped up to view your attachment.

Swipe up rate: The average number of swipes per impression, shown as a percentage.

Top snap: Your most popular snap.

Uses: The number of times your filter was sent in a snap or posted to a snapchatter’s story.

Use rate: The rate at which the geofilter is used when seen in the filter carousel.

Video views: The total number of impressions that meet the qualifying video view criteria of at least two seconds of consecutive watch time or a swipe up action on the top snap.

Views: The number of times snapchatters view a snap with your filter by watching a friend’s story or receiving a snap directly from a friend.

Web view: An attachment of snap ads that takes viewers to your preloaded website upon swiping up.

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Advertising in a snap

To become a pro in Snapchat for Business, we recommend familiarizing yourself with these key terms. Snapchat is a completely mobile platform with unique functions and terminology behind it, very different from other social platforms. Understand terms from this Snapchat glossary and you’ll be set up for success.


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