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Score Big with 2024 Super Bowl Social Media Campaigns

As the NFL frenzy sweeps across advertising platforms, brands are eagerly jumping into the mix of Super Bowl social media campaigns to capitalize on the excitement. With TikTok amassing 25.7 billion views and Instagram buzzing with 8.6 million posts (and counting), the Super Bowl fever is in full swing. 

What’s your game plan to join the action? Discover what top brands are up to and learn how to secure a victory with the winning Super Bowl marketing ideas.

Conquer the Big Game with Winning Super Bowl Social Media Campaigns

The showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers is approaching fast, and the Super Bowl ad space competition is only heating up. With CBS charging up to $7 million for a 30-second spot, major brands are pulling out all the stops, enlisting A-list celebrities like Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin, and John Travolta to leave a lasting impression.

The surge in Super Bowl social media campaigns is highly evident, with TikTok ad spend skyrocketing by 400% YoY from January 1 to Super Bowl Sunday in 2023. As we anticipate the 2024 Super Bowl, the question arises: what new heights will this year’s social media campaigns reach?

Look at the latest Super Bowl advertising trends and explore how you can leverage these to build hype and engagement for your brand on social media.

A Showdown of Innovative Super Bowl Marketing Ideas

In the upcoming Super Bowl 2024, all eyes are on the Chiefs vs. the 49ers. However, another competition brewing among advertisers and media buyers is the battle of Super Bowl advertising.

Celebrity vs. Influencer Marketing

For years, celebrity endorsements have been a staple in Super Bowl commercials, capturing audience attention with star power. Some examples include Snickers’ iconic “You’re not you when you’re hungry” ad featuring Betty White in 2010 and Wendy’s legendary “Where’s the beef?” spot from 1984.

Another standout Super Bowl commercial is the one from Coinbase’s 2022 ad, which took a social media-inspired approach by flashing a QR code across the screen. This innovative tactic propelled their app from 186th place on the app store to No. 2. Subsequently, in the 2023 Super Bowl commercials, Limit Break and Servant also leveraged QR codes in their advertising, following Coinbase’s successful lead.

In a sneak peek of this year’s Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial, Friends stars Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and David & Victoria Beckham (amongst others) take the spotlight.

Some brands, on the other hand, have turned to influencers to amplify their Super Bowl presence. Addison Rae takes the spotlight in Nerds Candy’s debut Super Bowl ad with her massive following of 88 million on TikTok and over 30 million on Instagram. Her social media reach promises significant exposure for the teaser, making her an ideal choice given her appeal to Generation Z, NERDS’ primary demographic.

@addisonre Guess who I’m coaching…?! 🪩🕺🕺🎶🍬  tune in to find out!! @Nerds Candy 2.11 #ad ♬ original sound – Addison Rae

Meanwhile, e.l.f cosmetics have “summoned” TikTok creator Benito Skinner, aka “Benny Drama”, and Meghan Trainor, a prominent TikTok personality and pop singer, alongside the cast of the legal drama series Suits, for their Super Bowl ad teaser. This move highlights e.l.f’s strategy of blending celebrity and influencer marketing to broaden their appeal and capture diverse audiences.

Traditional vs. Social Media Advertising

The AFC Championship Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens made TV history, attracting the largest audience ever for an AFC Championship Game and becoming the most-watched non-Super Bowl program on CBS in three decades. With a record-breaking viewership of over 55 million viewers, the game marked a milestone for TV ratings.

This massive viewership undoubtedly includes Swifties, eagerly tuning in to see Taylor Swift supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. With 20.2 million female viewers, comprising 40% of the TV audience, it’s undeniable how Swift’s impact encompasses stadiums both for concerts and tournaments alike.

Super Bowl LVIII TV Ad Spaces in High Demand

As leading brands secure prime spots for Super Bowl viewing, audiences can anticipate a barrage of commercials from companies that have already secured their slots for the big game. 

CBS has reported that its Super Bowl advertising slots were nearly sold out as early as November 2023. To accommodate new advertisers, the NFL has expanded its ad inventory, partly due to the popularity of “Thursday Night Football.”

Viewers tuning in to the Super Bowl can expect new advertising campaigns from prominent brands such as Kia, Osmow’s, Coca-Cola, Molson, M&M’s, and others as they vie for consumer attention during this highly anticipated broadcast.

Browsing the Super Bowl Social Media Campaign Stream

The NFL’s TikTok account is among many who capitalized on the Chiefs’ victory by sharing Travis and Taylor’s post-game interaction, garnering 12.7 million views as of the time of writing this article. Brands are also seizing the opportunity presented by the Swift-Kelce romance, integrating music and football themes into their Super Bowl social media campaigns.

  • Crocetti’s

    Featuring Taylor Swift herself donning a Chiefs jacket in the creative headline, this ad is undoubtedly targeting Swifties turned football fans.


    Kansas City-based nail brand HOOPLA took a proactive approach by crafting social media posts tailored to Swift and Kelce. Leading up to Valentine’s Day and the big game, the nail brand has also introduced a ‘LOVE’ polish set. Going the extra mile, HOOPLA sent out emails to customers on Jan. 6, offering a free surprise with the code ‘TAYVIS.’

With Super Bowl watch parties approaching, it’s no question that consumer spending on CPG food & beverage ads hit up to $2.3 billion during the Super Bowl week. As the weekend draws near, food chains are maximizing their Super Bowl ads to their way to get up to users’ feeds:

Comparing YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels for Super Bowl Social Media Advertising Strategies

Explore the effectiveness of short-form advertising for your Super Bowl marketing ideas. Discover how brands utilize these platforms to maximize their Super Bowl social media campaigns.

YouTube Shorts

Brands are tapping into the rising popularity of YouTube Shorts. The NFL, for instance, has incorporated YouTube Shorts ads directing viewers to their shop link, featuring content like selecting the color of the Gatorade drink for the 2024 Super Bowl.

Super Bowl ad teasers like Starry Lemon Lime featuring Ice Spice have garnered significant attention, with 3.4 million views in just two weeks.

YouTube intelligently houses Super Bowl 2024 ads on AdBlitz, providing a powerful showcase and expanding brand reach. Hyundai, for example, generated over 247 million impressions through YouTube during last year’s Super Bowl advertising period leading up to the big game.


TikTok is buzzing with ‘pre-game’ content, teasers, and trailers, attracting users’ attention. Paramount+, for example, features snippets of NFL playoffs as part of its traffic objective campaign, promoting all seasons viewable on their platform, including the highly anticipated Super Bowl 2024.

The Taylor Swift Super Bowl phenomenon continues to inspire ad creatives. Culture Kings, a clothing shop, references “Team Swifty” in their conversion campaign caption, advertising Super Bowl LVIII clothing and merch on their TikTok ad. The ad showcases its effectiveness with click-throughs, particularly at the 1 to 7-second mark of the 11-second video.

Instagram Reels

Beyond podcast content, Instagram Reels emerge as a favored platform for brands like Once Upon A Coconut, promoting a chance to win $1000 for viewers’ Super Bowl parties through a “no purchase necessary” contest.

Bud Light also joins the fray, promoting their ad teaser via Post Malone’s Instagram account. With the singer’s 25 million followers, the reel already has 3.2 million views and 120K likes.

Super Bowl LVIII Instagram Reels campaign - Bud Light, Post Malone feature

Early Super Bowl Victors: Brands Triumphing Ahead of the 2024 Tournament

As the countdown to Super Bowl 2024 commences, some brands have emerged victorious with their pre-game campaigns. Here’s a glimpse at the frontrunners in Super Bowl advertising:

Kristin Juszczyk, Clothing Designer

Known for creating custom Chiefs puffer jackets for Taylor Swift and 49ers-inspired outfits for Culpo, Kristin Juszczyk now holds a licensing deal with the NFL. The increasing prominence of fashion and beauty in Super Bowl advertising, particularly among younger women, can be attributed to Taylor Swift’s influence.


Dove and Kylie Kelce

Partnering with Dove, Kylie Kelce champions body positivity among female athletes through TikTok ad campaigns. As a field hockey coach, Kelce’s collaboration with Dove aligns with their message of empowerment.

@kyliekelce I’m partnering with @dove on the #KeepHerConfident Challenge to help keep girls in sports. 🏈⚽🏀🏑 Recent Dove research reveals 45% of girls drop out of sports due to low body confidence – together, we can raise awareness about this and help them stay in the game. 💙 📣 Make a video showing us your sports skills with the hashtag #KeepHerConfident, nominate a friend to join, and let’s show what girls can do when they stay in sports! #DovePartner #DoveSelfEsteemProject #BodyConfidentSport #GirlsInSports #BodyConfidence ♬ original sound – Kylie Kelce

NYX Cosmetics

NYX ranks second in the top 10 ads category and is the fifth-most mentioned brand on X (formerly Twitter). Their TikTok strategy demonstrates how beauty brands can resonate with their demographic, which likely intersects significantly with the Swift fandom. Apart from NFL references, NYX also encourages user-generated content, as seen on their official TikTok account.

Play on the Offensive With These Super Bowl Social Media Advertising Trends and Tips

Now that we’ve provided insights on how to create a winning Super Bowl social media campaign, here are five actionable tips you can implement based on the trends discussed:

Identify influencers who align with your brand’s values and target audience

  • Data from reveals that US adults are more receptive to ads featuring familiar influencers or celebrities, particularly among viewers aged 18-29.
  • (As seen on NERDS’ campaign with Addison Rae)
    • NERDS effectively utilized paid partnerships with influencers like Addison Rae, who resonates with Gen Z audiences. The ads on her accounts garnered 10.7 million plays and 406K likes, for Instagram and TikTok combined.
  • (As shown in the e.l.f. cosmetics campaign)
    • e.l.f. cosmetics strategically utilized well-known personalities like Meghan Trainor and the Suits cast to capitalize on their widespread recognition from television and social media. Whether you’re a social media user or a TV viewer, chances are you’re familiar with these personalities and would be intrigued to watch their commercials.

Provide interactive experiences for your audience

  • (As demonstrated by Once Upon a Coconut’s Instagram ad)
    • Allow users to engage with your content actively. Once Upon a Coconut’s approach of offering a contest entry without requiring a purchase encourages maximum engagement from existing followers or newcomers to their ads. With a $1000 prize and a Super Bowl-focused ad, who can resist, right?

Take advantage of seasonal trends and opportunities

  • (As observed in HOOPLA and NYX Cosmetics campaigns)
    • Whether in the food and beverage or cosmetics industries, major advertising seasons like the Super Bowl guarantee increased visibility for your ads.
    • Like holiday-specific campaigns (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.), the abovementioned brands demonstrated that sporting seasons are considered key advertising events.

Football enthusiasts are not the exclusive focus of Super Bowl social media campaigns anymore

  • (As evidenced by NERDS, Dove, and Crocetti’s campaigns)
    • NERDS targets Gen Z audiences, while Dove caters to female athletes. Crocetti’s, utilizing Taylor Swift’s image, targets Swifties who are now following the 2024 football season.
    • While traditional male demographics may express discontent, the NFL and Super Bowl 2024 have shattered the notion that football is solely for men. Consequently, brands need to be bold in innovating their audience targeting strategies during this traditionally male-dominated season.

Utilize trending keywords and interests in captions and hashtags

  • (As exemplified by Culture Kings, NFL social media accounts)
    • Particularly with short-form videos, captions serve as searchable and attention-grabbing elements for audiences. A brief mention of “Swiftie” and “Kelce” can align your ad with extensive Swiftie-related content in social media advertising.
    • Keep an eye out for trending hashtags used by brands to align with the top Super Bowl social media advertising trends. Hashtags such as #superbowl2024 and #sblviii are becoming increasingly popular, with the Chiefs vs. 49ers game just a few days away.

Fuel Your Competitive Spirit with These Super Bowl Marketing Ideas

Embracing trends isn’t just a bandwagon approach — it’s a strategic move that can catapult your ads to your audiences’ home screens during this football season. 

Staying attuned to what’s trending is essential for brands to remain relevant and informed about what’s new, what’s hot (and what’s not).  The Super Bowl social media campaign strategies we’ve outlined are proven techniques already generating traffic, conversions, and headlines. As the Super Bowl weekend looms, now is the opportunity to capitalize on these insights to ensure your brand stands out amidst the advertising frenzy.

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