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Insights for advertisers on Halloween

Marketing insights to launch Halloween campaigns that won't scare away your audience.

When the pumpkins start to appear around town, and the cinnamon aroma spreads out in the cold air, we know America is officially in Halloween mode. Americans are drawn to Halloween like kids are attracted to candy. Almost 70% of Americans celebrate Halloween, spending whopping $8.4 billion in total.

Searches for Halloween-related topics start as early as September, and social media is considered trick-or-treaters’ best friend — which means this a sweet time for using paid social to get your message out there.

Brands should start planning their Halloween campaigns in advance. Searches for Halloween-related topics start in early September.

Even brands whose products are not directly related to Halloween have a chance to connect with their customers in a new light around Halloween. A carefully planned Halloween campaign can have a lasting impact even after the spooky days are over.

Strike Social is here to help you achieve your goals. We compiled data, insights and tips in the infographic below to guide your marketing and paid social efforts toward a sweet Halloween.

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