Back-to-school shopping season is one of the most important shopping events of the year for retailers. It means there are multiple opportunities out there for advertisers as long as they understand the characteristics of back-to-school shoppers.

Did you know people are more likely to use mobile in their web searches during the summer because they spend more time outdoors or traveling?

As the searches for back-to-school items start to grow in July and reach a peak in August, the time to get your message out there is now.

Strike Social compiled data, tips and insights to help you get your social advertising ad strategy right and increase your back-to-school sales this year.

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Back-to-school infographic | Strike Social
Ligia Aguilhar

Ligia Aguilhar

Ligia Aguilhar is a Content Specialist at Strike Social and holds an MS from Medill. She was born in Brazil and has traveled the world, from Silicon Valley to Seoul, to cover tech.