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Advertising tips for the holiday season

Give your holiday campaigns a boost with these latest holiday advertising tips.

The holiday season seems to start earlier each year, but there is a good reason for that. Customers begin researching gift ideas months in advance, even though they will only commit to purchases much later. You need to be ahead of the game to start seeing results around Black Friday when sales pick up.

Last year 150+ million Americans shopped during Thanksgiving weekend, spending $289.19 on average.

Social has an important role in this scenario as videos, how-to guides and wish lists are tools to grab people’s attention during the holiday season. Holiday shoppers want to be inspired and this is your cue to show them what you can do. As the months advance, you can lead your target audience to conversion with the right ad units and strategy.

To help you prepare for the shopping season, we’ve created the infographic below with numbers and stats that are important to guide your holiday advertising strategy.

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