Why brands should be using Facebook Messenger ads

Explore the different types of Facebook Messenger ads to keep the conversation going with your audience.

Whether you have some experience or are completely new to Facebook advertising, you may not realize the full benefits of incorporating Facebook Messenger ads into your marketing strategy.

The idea behind Facebook Messenger ads is to promote conversation with a brand, typically with goals to increase engagement, customer satisfaction and most importantly, increase conversions. More than 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger to connect with friends, family and their favorite companies every month. Facebook began rolling out Messenger ads in 2016, with the usage of mobile messaging apps having already surpassed standard network apps in 2015.

Facebook Messenger ads operate very similar to ads on Facebook, but the goal here is for brands to start conversations and keep them going. There are three advertising options available:

  • Destination ads on the Newsfeed
  • Messenger homepage ads
  • Sponsored messages

The key differences

All brands have different business goals. Some ad types will serve goals better than others. Facebook designed each ad type to do the following:

Start a conversation

Messenger homepage ads and messenger destination ads fall in the same category. They’re both designed to prompt new conversation. Messenger destination ads, or rather click-to-messenger ads, are exactly as they sound. This ad type is similar to Newsfeed ads but with a “Message Now” call to action rather than “Shop Now” that would take you to a predetermined URL. In this case, when a user clicks the ad, they receive a message from the brand prompting conversation.

There are many avenues to take with destination ads. For example, you might explore the option of offering a coupon, but when someone clicks on the ad, they’re taken to Messenger with a chat bot or a pre-written message with more information about the discount.

Facebook Messenger ads also offer the capability to place display ads on the homepage of the mobile app, a similar display to the Newsfeed.

Facebook Messenger ads

Image credit: AdEspresso by Hootsuite

Re-engage customers

Facebook Messenger ads also allow sponsored messages. Unexpectedly, brands can send messages to users to encourage engagement. The catch? There are a couple. You can only send messages to customers who have sent you messages in the past, which is why this feature brings so much value to re-engagement. Lastly, the cost associated with these messages are based on impressions, not clicks.

Facebook Messenger ads offer a special kind of experience for your customers. Here’s why you should be using them in your social ad strategy:

Brand awareness: Like Newsfeed ads, you can expose your brand to a wider audience. More people are using the mobile Facebook Messenger app than Facebook on mobile.

Personalization: A major component of Messenger is to add a personal touch to the company. It’s a place where your potential and returning customers can ask questions, share feedback or even place orders. With ads directing users to Messenger, it encourages a sense of personalization to their experience, especially if the user is looking for something particular from your services.

Retargeting efforts: Whether you want to run a social retargeting campaign using messenger destination ads or send sponsored messages to users who may have communicated with you before, Facebook Messenger ads cater to getting in front of those who may just need that final push.

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