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Promote Easter Live Stream Effectively on Social Media

Promoting live streams has become a staple marketing strategy as consumers increasingly turn to online platforms for shopping and entertainment. In the United States, live streaming has captivated a niche, with 3 in 10 shoppers expressing a preference for engaging and purchasing during live events, drawn by the dynamic and interactive buying experience. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and TikTok are the most sought-after platforms for live video streaming.

Charts - DemandSage - US Most Popular Live Streaming Platform By Age Group

Facebook Live stands out, preferred by 45% of US citizens aged between 35 and 54, demonstrating its broad appeal for a more mature audience. Conversely, YouTube Live captures the younger demographic, with 35% of people aged 18 to 34 favoring this platform. 

The entertainment and appeal of live streaming merge with Easter’s festive spirit. Spending in categories such as clothing, candy, gifts, and more increased in 2023 — with clothing rising from $0.7 billion in 2022 to $1 billion and gifts from $1.3 billion to $1.8 billion — leveraging live streaming can significantly amplify brand’s visibility and engagement during the onset of the chocolate bunnies over family gatherings.

Yet, distinguishing live-streaming events amid the bustling social feed filled with the keyword “Easter” calls for a standout strategic media plan that can turn crickets into a busy bunny. 

This blog will help you discover strategies and tips to engage your viewers. It’s time to turn your deserted live streams into a field of engaged viewers. 

Eyeballs Wanted: Overcoming the Live Stream Visibility Hurdle

The challenge of empty seats—or, in social commerce, the empty live stream—is one that no brand or advertiser can afford to ignore. Despite months of meticulous preparation for an online live event, the harsh reality is that even the most engaging content can go unseen, leaving seasoned marketers questioning where they went wrong.

But what are the far-reaching implications of an unsuccessful live stream, especially when promoting live events on social media? Hosting an unsuccessful live event leads to more than just immediate disappointment. The possible results can be:

Loss of resources

Time, effort, and finances evaporating without the expected return on investment.

Tarnish brand’s credibility

Painting your brand as disengaged or uninspiring at a time when capturing the festive spirit of Easter is crucial.

Missed opportunity

Loss connections with your audience and create memorable experiences around the Easter celebration.

The emotional toll on marketers is profound, affecting not just the morale of the team but also casting a long shadow over future promotional strategies, breeding hesitation and doubt.

Understanding these challenges is critical, but they don’t have to define your Easter’s fate. With a clear goal to transform potential visibility hurdles into hopping stones, you’re on your way to building a more engaged, loyal, and enthusiastic community around your brand’s live-streaming efforts.

Resurrecting Your Easter Live Stream With These Organic and Paid Best Practices

As Easter week approaches, brands and marketers anticipate a surge of interest in chocolates, gifts, decorations, and other items related to the celebration. However, challenges and a lack of marketing push can cause livestream events that aim to create immersive online experiences to falter.

Strike Social can help you pivot from empty baskets to egg-citing opportunities for your brand with these best practices and solutions for organic and paid strategies. 

Cultivate an Engaged Community Through Organic Strategies

Focus on Your Content Marketing

  • Begin your promotional journey weeks in advance. Crafting engaging blog posts like “Top Easter Basket Ideas” and weaving mentions of your upcoming live stream into the narrative can spark interest.
  • Capture more eyes by sharing teasers and behind-the-scenes glimpses across social media platforms, stirring curiosity and anticipation. 
  • Engage your audience with compelling questions and polls, transforming passive viewers into active participants.

Social Media Optimization

  • Remember never to underestimate the power of precise keywords and hashtags. It would help if you used them actively to optimize your content. Incorporating relevant Easter-related hashtags can aid your posts in being easily discoverable by those celebrating the season. 
  • Regarding your live stream, choose a title and description rich in relevant keywords to boost your visibility. SEO plays a huge role in social media platforms as well.
  • Remember, timing is everything—go live when your audience is most active, but steer clear of the peak Easter celebration to avoid competing for attention.

Connect With Your Community

  • Interactive content, such as short-form videos and stories, offers an excellent avenue for engagement. Host Q&A sessions or contests to fuel excitement for the live stream.
  • Collaborating with influencers can exponentially increase your event’s visibility while encouraging your followers to share the stream, extending your reach even further.

Amplify Your Reach Using Social Media Ad Solutions

Multi-Stage Ad Campaigns

  • Complement your organic efforts with targeted social media advertising campaigns tailored to your objectives.
    • Pre-event Ads: Utilize brand awareness and prospecting campaigns to reconnect with existing followers and reach similar audiences. Consider running these weeks before the target date as an “always-on” campaign.
    • Retargeting & Remarketing: Days leading up to the event, launch campaigns to retarget audiences who have interacted with your organic and paid content.
    • Live Stream Reminder: Run another retargeting campaign during the live stream to remind viewers about the ongoing event and encourage them to tune in.

Leverage on Influencer’s Authentic Storytelling Content

  • Collaborate with influencers to create sponsored posts that authentically promote your Easter live stream. 
  • Leverage their unique storytelling abilities and trusted relationships with their followers to craft content that resonates, driving genuine interest and registrations for your event.

Leverage Platform-Specific Ad Formats

  • Explore various ad formats to find what best suits your campaign:
    • Meta, Facebook, and Instagram: Branded content, partnership ads, and Reels can significantly boost your campaign’s efficiency.
    • YouTube: Video Action Campaigns (VAC) and Video Views Campaigns (VVC) offer a cost-effective way to encourage ad stickiness and campaign conversions.
    • TikTok: Interactive Stickers and Spark Ads leverage the platform’s unique features to drive viewer action and create more authentic engagement 

By seamlessly blending organic and paid strategies, you can resurrect your Easter livestream efforts, capturing viewer attention, fostering lasting connections, and delivering an unforgettable experience that resonates with your audience. Embrace this strategic approach, and watch as your livestream ascends to new heights of success.

Spring Into Action and Crack The Golden Opportunity on Your Easter Livestream

The path to promote a live streaming event is finding the right balance of organic and paid strategies. By leveraging content marketing, social media optimization, community building, targeted social media advertising, influencer marketing, and platform-specific ad formats, brands can effectively capture viewer attention, foster lasting connections, and deliver unforgettable live stream experiences that resonate with their audiences.

Whether you’re gearing up for the Easter season or planning a year-round livestream strategy, the key to success lies in understanding your target audience, crafting compelling content, and leveraging the right tools and platforms to amplify your reach and engagement. Take the first step towards promoting livestream success by consulting with our media buying experts. Our seasoned media buyers possess the knowledge and expertise to craft a tailored livestream promotion strategy that aligns with your campaign goals and resonates with your target audience.

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