Amplify Your Campaign’s Impact and
Savings in Every Activation

Seamless End-to-End
Advertising Partner

Strike’s tailored solutions identify savings in your campaigns,
sharpening efficiency and optimizing based on data and machine learning.


What makes Strike Social stand out


With 12 years dedicated to technology investment, Strike Social offers around-the-clock global support.

Our expertise spans over 1 billion managed campaigns.

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Setup & Monitoring

Our process ensures a streamlined campaign setup, enhancing time and resource efficiency.

We provide automated alerts and real-time monitoring to maintain accuracy.

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Continuous Optimization

We implement daily adjustments to audience targeting, bids, budgets, and creative elements, driving optimal campaign performance.

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Sophisticated Reporting

Utilize advanced API and data integration for accessible, downloadable visualizations. Our reporting is available in multiple formats, designed for clarity and insight.

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Agile Social Media Advertising

Our historical data generates media plans that are adaptable and quick to optimize for unexpected changes – TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other advertising platforms.

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