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TikTok’s 55+ Age Group Invigorates Health Campaign CPM by 37%

Strike Social Case Study - average minutes on TikTok per day among US adults, by age, 2024

Tapping into the right audience can transform an advertising campaign from good to groundbreaking – TikTok’s 55+ age group became a pivotal demographic for one of our health campaigns. A US Healthcare brand that raised awareness about critical healthcare services did that by honing in on an often-overlooked demographic: the 55+ age group. This strategic focus led to a 37% reduction in Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM), setting a new benchmark for efficiency and engagement in health-focused advertising.

The primary goal was clear: amplify awareness of vital healthcare services through a powerful TikTok campaign. The strategy was to geo-target in-feed ads to men and women aged 25+, supplemented with carefully chosen health and wellness hashtags. This approach was designed to weave the campaign’s messaging seamlessly into broader conversations around health and wellness on the platform. With this approach, we seamlessly wove the campaign’s messaging into broader conversations around health and wellness on the platform.

The campaign utilized precise localized ad targeting, using specific zip codes to enhance ad relevance and engagement rates, effectively reducing wasted impressions. Furthermore, by including older demographics, specifically the 45+ age group, the campaign tapped into an audience that engages more deeply with content. This increased video completion rates and improved the campaign’s standing with TikTok’s algorithm, reducing the overall CPM.

A broad array of relevant hashtags—from #HealthAndFitness to #WellnessMotivation—was strategically employed to expand the campaign’s reach. This use of hashtags ensured the ads appeared in more relevant searches and feeds, attracting genuinely interested health and wellness viewers, significantly reducing ad costs.

This TikTok campaign demonstrates the untapped potential of older age groups in the healthcare and wellness sector. By strategically targeting the 55+ demographic, the campaign improved engagement and efficiency and set a new standard for optimizing health campaigns’ reach and impact.

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