Improve your team’s performance across YouTube & paid social

Looking for a trusted partner to help manage your clients' ad campaigns across YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and more? Strike Social knows what it takes to succeed. We offer both the talent and tools to run thousands of campaigns every day — error free.

When you work with Strike Social, you will get:

  • 24/7 optimization managed by a global team of media buyers, engineers and data scientists

  • 100% transparency from upfront benchmarks to a 360 view of our entire media-buying operation

  • AI technology for efficient, effective social media advertising and actionable insights

  • 30–70% increase in performance based on your clients' unique KPIs

A global media-buying team backed by AI

Strike Social is the world’s largest YouTube ad optimization company — and a partner in paid social media management for 500+ agencies and brands. We leverage deep data and artificial intelligence to improve YouTube and paid social campaigns by 30–70%. Guaranteed.

Invest in a proven approach, driven by data science

Put your clients among the best. Strike Social has managed millions of YouTube and paid social campaigns for brands such as Xbox, Unilever, Honda, Mattel and KFC. In the process, our data science has analyzed every campaign and targeting data point, which can be leveraged to meet your unique objectives.

Harness the power of AI & 24/7 optimization

Strike Social generates cross-platform targeting strategy that maximizes ROI with 24/7, in-flight optimization. We also deliver detailed campaign insights to increase your efficiencies over time. This ensures your clients always outperform the competition.

Streamline your campaigns, expand your expertise

Strike Social is a Premier Google Partner and Certified Snapchat Partner. Our global team has experience working across every major social platform — including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat — to add to your team’s expertise.

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A few of our many happy clients

"I think of my Strike Social team as an extension of mine. They are responsive, experts in what they do, and I know I can count on them to help identify insights and trends that might affect my business. Based on every experience I’ve had with them, Strike Social will continue to be my partner moving forward."

Rachel Pawlow

Rachel Pawlow

Associate Media Director

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